Illinois School District Teaches School Kids that Only Some Lives Really Matter

Did you study Black Lives Matter in school? In February, students in Evanston, Illinois did. As reported in Parents Defending Education, the area’s District 65 devoted several days to this topic. A website outlines “Black Lives Matter at School” lessons for students in the first grade up to eighth grade.

When it comes to music classes, “Black Lives Matter Lesson Ballet & Hiplet: Diversity & Unapologetically Black” informs six-year-olds that “life is easier for some people and harder for others, and the reasons for that are not always fair.”

The obnoxiousness of ignorance is exposed by the whims of privilege and power. Students will be able to recognize how power and privilege impact interactions at the interpersonal, intergroup, and institutional levels and will examine how they've been affected by those dynamics.

If you're interested: Hiplet is a dance that's an amalgamation of hip hop and ballet dance that is performed using sharp angles in traditional ballet designs with dancers wearing pointed shoes, tights, and shoes dyed the same color as their skin.

In the context of “Questions to Send Home,” the school system provides the following question for parents to read: “What is the best way to engage in music with your family? Consider hosting a dancing party inside your homeroom, with music played by Black musicians!”

District 65 also provides classes for students with special needs. Through a slideshow, children who have disabilities are taught that “Black skin is beautiful!”

A “Racism” slide submits an image of three individuals separating from a black man, while the male in the group raises his hand and says, “Stay away.” Another image asks, “Why don't we say ‘All Lives Matter'?” The answer is: “Through the course of history in our country, citizens were discriminated against due to the shades of their skin. It is sadly taking place today in different ways.”

Illustrations show a (presumably) black person who is arguing, “Well, I think that all lives matter. We should care exactly equally at all times about everything…all houses matter.” The man is spraying his home with the help of a hose, while the next one is burning it to the ground.

The way we learn has definitely changed. Why are social subjects taught in schools instead of adhering only to the academic curriculum? Based on observations, it's because the school is no longer a place for academics. It's an ideology-based training facility that aims to make excellent citizens in accordance with the ideals of the government.

Black Lives Matter is the public (aka, the governmental) education system advocating for an idea or organization synonymous with “apology.” BLM has portrayed itself as a Marxist group with a mission: the destruction and disintegration of nuclear families. In addition, Back Lives Matter(TM) is a website that addresses sexual politics. According to the older version of the website, “We provide an opportunity for transgender brothers as well as sisters to lead and participate. We are self-reflexive and perform the work needed to end the cisgender discrimination and to uplift Black trans people, particularly Black trans women who are affected in a way that is disproportionate with trans-aggression. We create a space which recognizes Black females and free of the sexism, misogyny, and spaces where males are treated as the dominant.”

As well as helping children recognize the injustices of America, District 65 appears to be trying to protect them from brutal police actions. Thus, as per the “National Demands” of the Week of Action: End Zero Tolerance, Mandate Black History & Ethnic Studies, Hire More Black Teachers, Fund Counselors, Not Cops.

Hopefully, all the counselors can help us stay in good stead.

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