Discovery of Bodies of Aborted Babies in Washington, D.C. Raises Alarm Amongst Pro-Life Groups Demanding Answers

The bodies of late-term aborted babies were found in Washington, D.C., and pro-life groups are seeking to find out how they died as it appears that they were severely abused prior to their deaths, and their murders may constitute infanticide.

Washington, D.C. has long attracted liberals who push for policies that oppose the Constitution. However, when a pro-life organization demands that autopsies be performed on a number of aborted infant bodies, the concept of the word “liberal” assumes an entirely new significance. The Democrats have created areas of the world where people are able to do whatever their heart desires. The main issue with abortion is the notion of murder. Beyond that is the horrifying image of the way in which a baby’s life is taken before he or she is born.

Marjorie Dannenfelser is the Susan B. Anthony List president. She has stated that “we demand to the D.C. medical examiner to perform an autopsy of the children's bodies, and also for the federal authorities to conduct a thorough and uncompromising investigation into [un]lawful violations and to prosecute them. Eliminating abortion is the most important human rights issue that we face today, and we are hopeful that a fair Supreme Court decision in the Dobbs case will soon permit states to act.”

The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising found several aborted-baby bodies that appeared to be cruelly tortured before they passed away. The dead bodies showed evidence of torture as a result of the methods employed to murder the infants. The corpses were taken by Live Action to call attention to the horrific conditions at abortion centers in liberal areas.

The bodies in question are those of victims of illegal abortions. Medical professionals have reported that additional bodies may have been burnt to conceal the savage procedures taking place behind closed doors at Planned Parenthood and other clinics all over the nation.

Dannenfelser further stated she believed that “these horrific images of aborted children–human beings like us, subjected to lethal violence and possibly born alive at an age when their pain would have been excruciating–expose the brutality of every one of the thousands of abortions that take place daily in America.” It is hard to imagine the harrowing cries in the womb while the body of the baby is torn apart by acidic poison.

Democrats across the country insist on more children being aborted. They contend that they have a set number of quotas that must be met each year. In California and other blue states, opportunities are available to people from across the globe to witness their children being killed by a heartless killer who claims to be a medical professional. One who has taken an oath to never inflict harm to anyone is murdering babies before they are born.

The remains of the deceased were turned over to law-enforcement officers, who are now charged with the responsibility to determine the causes of death by investigating the evidence. Police did collect the bodies from anti-abortion activist Lauren Handy, who kept them until police arrived.

Laws in Washington allow abortion to occur. However, law-enforcement officials agree that the bodies appear to be those of victims of illegal abortions. The mere possibility that anyone could inflict horrible harm to an unborn baby is nauseating. What leads a doctor to take a more drastic measure is when an approved method is not successful.

Democrats are fighting against the rights of the unborn and believe they're winning. But their Democratic system of beliefs is intolerant of the human rights of children. They believe that humans are just like animals. In a world in which it's about the survival of the fittest, the child is not likely to win when the moment comes to end his or her future.

President Joe Biden and his murderous group of abortion-loving thugs believe that they can get away with murder. However, more and more laws are coming in that will put an end to the number of children they are able to kill. The rights of unborn children should be protected. Likewise, the moment a person is murdered, the perpetrator must face trial for the crime. However, that will only be possible after the Republicans assume control of the country.

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