Things look very frightening in Shanghai

Shanghai is a stunning city. Since it was an international city and has been for a long time somewhat more cosmopolitan than many other Chinese cities. It's an important financial center and for its cuisine. While I was there, I still remember the wonderful sheng Jian Bao (like the Fried dumpling) or soup dumpling) they served in Yang's Fried Dumpling. It's among the region's most significant contributions to the food industry.

Why am I talking about the amazing foods they offer?

Due to the Chinese government, the city that was once an absolute delight has turned into an unforgiving place for its residents, following the introduction of lockdowns that are zero-COVID as a responses to an Omicron outbreak. The people are desperate for food as well as medical treatment. There are riots taking place which is a major thing that shows how desperate people are. the rioters could face harsh sanctions in repressive China.

The people aren't receiving the food that was supposed be given by the government. supermarkets have been shut down. Residents gathered at the gate of the community at one complex, requesting the police to take action, and they did.

A Shanghai local is in such a state of despair that He slams at the Communist government and asks them to get him because he is unable to take the situation any longer.

Children are sometimes separated from their parents when they or their parents fall sick. The public is naturally furious about it.

In the photos there was a row of hospital cribs, each one holding many young children, appeared located on the corridor at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center located in Shanghai's Jinshan district. The video also showed several children crying.

The video and images were not independently verified, however in an announcement the health center stated that they were genuine and confirmed the fact that parents suffering from Covid were kept from children.

A few people were killed at the Donghai elderly care facility, after the staff was ejected by the government due to the fact that there was a COVID outbreak.

Temporary assistance with no medical education.

Jared Nelson, a lawyer working in China is currently there and has written a lengthy discussion of the lockdown and the conditions they're going through It's worth reading because he says that there is no access to the outside.

The absurdity of this is the fact that it is as a response to Omicron One of the mildest of variants. We got through it even with Joe Biden claiming it would be the “winter of severe illness and death.” We don't know how many people have died because of the lockdown or the response, not the virus? We will never get an honest count. The suffering is incalculable much more than what Omicron could have caused.

This is the result of treating your citizens as slaves.

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