Biden Blames Trump for Whitmer Kidnapping Plot

In October 2020, president Joe Biden exploited an alleged plot to sabotage Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer. Biden blamed the president Donald Trump for the sensational arrests taken in a crucial swing state. The trial ended on Friday with no convictions.

Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta were both cleared. The jury could not decide on the charges brought against Barry Croft and Adam Fox as the alleged masterminds in the conspiracy.

Biden's campaign, as well as the establishment media, treated the accusers as Trump supporters. But, Caserta was photographed online with an Anarchist flag, and Harris had been a part of a Black Lives Matter protest on June 21, 2020. Both of these facts were ignored by the Democrat party and media which remain in the position of blaming Trump.

Biden said it was possible that defendants are white supremacists. Biden also said that Trump was at fault for the plot after the FBI made the announcement of the charges in October, 2020.

Trump was not a part of this plot and, at the moment, there was no evidence to support this in his trial.

As the trial progressed, there were questions raised about FBI informants' involvement in the trial, suggesting they may have deceived defendants or created this scheme. Buzzfeed News, which is not a conservative outlet reported last year that:

BuzzFeed News' examination of the investigation reveals that certain informants, under the direction of FBI agents, were involved in a more extensive role than was previously reported. They went beyond watching the activities of suspects, and then providing reports. They took part in nearly all aspects of the conspiracy from its beginning to the finalization. Their involvement raises questions over the possibility of an underlying conspiracy if they weren't involved.

Jurors were given directions by the judge concerning the entrapment process. They may be found innocent when they believe that informants or agents tried to convince the men to accept a plan. It was reported by the Associated Press that defendants didn't have the ability to commit such an act prior to the time that the FBI came into the picture.

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