Day Long Rally Against Mandates Held in Los Angeles on Sunday

A huge, all-day, “Defeat the Mandates” rally happened from noon to 8:00 pm PST in downtown Los Angeles on Sunday, April 10. This follows a previous rally held on January 23 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.

RedState's Nick Arama covered that January event, while Jennifer Oliver O'Connell showed how the mainstream media mostly bashed it, if they bothered to cover it at all.

According to the “Defeat the Mandates” statement:

Thankfully some mandates are dropping across the country, but there are still vaccine mandates that persist in schools, colleges, businesses, hospitals, and corporations. Restrictions on doctors who treat COVID, censorship by Big Tech, the unnecessary COVID-19 vaccination of children, silencing of scientific debate, and the extension of the Emergency Powers Act beyond March 1st for the coronavirus pandemic are a few of the main concerns.

A multitude of speakers are scheduled, including Dr. Robert Malone, Lara Logan, and Naomi Wolf, to name a few. People on the scene are already reporting large crowds, which includes the Freedom Convoy, as the L.A. Times reported.

For many people across the country, COVID and the accompanying restrictions are a distant memory. For many others, however, the restrictions and mandates continue to negatively impact their lives. College students, for instance, are routinely forced to get vaccinated AND boosted or face expulsion. One university is bizarrely co-opting students into following the school's vaccination policies by restricting the internet for those who fail to adhere.

We've all read about police officers, soldiers, nurses, et al. losing their jobs over the failure to bend the knee. They will be represented at Sunday's rally, as well.

It's also comical that this rally is happening in deep-blue California, where the governor is currently on vacation — despite the state still being under a State of Emergency for the last two years. Some emergency, if the governor can just jet off to Mexico.

Rallies can be powerful, and produce change, but they don't matter if people don't vote. In the last presidential election, 80 million people didn't vote, according to my favorite news source, NPR. That was despite record turnout. Imagine what conservatives could achieve, if they could get even a small piece of that pie?

Don't sit on the sidelines — or just go to rallies, yet stay home on Election Day. Register to vote. The next big election is not a presidential one, but it sure as heck is important. The House and Senate are in play, and indications are that both will flip Republican. Make sure you're one of the people contributing to that victory.

As we've learned the hard way over the past two years, local elections matter even more. Most of all, if you're in California, where people think their votes don't matter, register and vote in the primary, which takes place from May 9 to June 7, 2022.

The “Defeat The Mandates” rally is happening in the belly of the beast for a reason. Make it count.

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