Donald Trump Unveils 2024 Slogan at Kid Rock Concert

Let's be honest: Donald Trump, for quite some time has been the unofficial troll of all who hate Trump personally and the policies he has enacted. I'd like to add that I believe Trump gets up in the morning and sprinkles the rage and hatred he hurled at him by the media on his corn flakes.

If he eats corn flakes.

Donald Trump, since the beginning of 2022, has been a very busy former President. Along with hosting rallies across the United States at least once a month, and praising candidates in the primary elections that are being announced, he's been appearing in media appearances to get people talking. On Friday, he turned his face in a recorded audio message that was played at the start of Kid Rock's show held in Omaha, Nebraska.

Twitter Twitter…

Hello, everyone! I love you all.

I'm sure that you're having a blast at Kid Rock's concert tonight; in all honesty, he's incredible. The people who are there are the real heart of our country as God-fearing, hard-working Rock and Roll patriots.

Kid Rock is one of the best entertainers at present. He's not the greatest golfer in the world and his game could benefit from a bit of work, but he's an excellent, fantastic entertainer, and that's the reason you're here.

Let's continue to love each other and take on the fight to defend God given rights and, above all, Let's Make America Rock. Enjoy your evening with your friends. God bless you as well. God will bless America.

“Make” America Rock Again, I think it has a nice sound to it.

Trump is able to annoy a range of people just by himself. However, he has also encouraged a number of individuals in the entertainment industry who will express their opinions in the same manner as he does — and, of course, without consequences. This is a part of the Trump phenomenon that is unlike anyone else who has an R after their name, or who claims that they are conservative in some way shape or manner. They must be prepared to take a stand and fight back against the lies perpetuated by the left all day,  and every day of the year.

At the end of March, Kid Rock told Tucker Carlson that haters could not hurt him. Here's an excerpt from the interview in The Toronto Sun:

Rock appeared on Fox's “Tucker Carlson Tonight” in order to talk about Rock's new record, Bad Reputation, and the forthcoming tour. Carlson demanded, “If there was a message behind the album, what would it be?”

“To my fans, I love you dearly. To critics, haters and trolls — go f– yourself,” Rock said. “I love the trolls and the haters and the critics who've been trying to, you know, knock me down for 20, 30 years. And I'm still standing, [and] still operate at the highest levels.”

In his conversation with Carlson,the host questioned Rock about why other musicians aren't following his path.

“Because they're in bed with record companies and, you know, corporate deals and instructors at every level,” he explained. “I think I crawled out of the womb with both middle fingers in the air.”

Kid Rock is not a fake artist, however much woke cultists of cancel culture wish to believe he is. If that was true, they'd simply ignore everything he says and he could not have attracted nearly 17,000 fans to his show.

It is logical that someone who likes to battle with his critics, the former president of the United States, has an all-time ally in the savage musician from Detroit who goes by the name of Bob Ritchie, aka Kid Rock. Both of them like to make their critics mad and the people who complain about them do not comprehend this.

That's one of the reasons that it is amusing for me and others to watch Trump perform a video prior to an actual rock and roll performance. People who are complaining lack humor while they simply shout and sputter while pretending to be enlightened. This is why liberals such as Bill Maher are consistently calling his own party for their insanity lately.

Time will tell whether Donald Trump actually uses “Make America Rock Again” as his 2024 slogan. But we know that ever since Joe Biden became President, the country does not feel as if it's been rocking. It's like it's sinking, which is why we can all do with some snarky tweets right now. I hope Elon Musk will be able to address the issue.

However, in the stories lately featuring individuals who are named Rock as part of it, I believe we can safely say that one of Trump's most vocal supporters, named Rock, isn't going to allow anyone to approach him and attempt to beat him in person or through a verbal exchange.

This is among the reasons Trump and Rock are such good friends. They both love fighting and are prepared for any fight that comes their way.

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