Get Ready for Russian Collusion 2.0 in the Midterms

The Democrat Hawks never cease to be awe-inspiring. From Barack Obama “dunking” on Mitt Romney in 2012 for claiming that Vladimir Putin's country was our biggest geopolitical enemy, to the left declaring that Russia is in bed with everyone. We are told that the shift was entirely organic and not motivated by politics.

But anyone with one sliver of a brain will be able to see the reality. The whole Russia panic has been created to gain partisan support with regards to electoral “stealing” interference in the 2016 election, to the notion it was the Kremlin that actively sought to defeat the president of today, Joe Biden. And it is true that to a certain degree it has worked. It certainly helped to sabotage the presidency of Donald Trump, and after 2020, the fear of morality regarding Russia continued to grip the minds of those who believed that a handful of Facebook advertisements had turned the tide just four years earlier.

Never one to quit running the same strategy that has succeeded, the Democrats are now in the process of preparing to repeat the same strategy. Russian collusion 2.0 is being planned in advance of November's midterm elections.

Russian president Vladimir Putin may use the Biden administration's backing for Ukraine as a reason to start an entirely new campaign to interfere in American political affairs, U.S. intelligence officials have determined.

The intelligence agencies have not been able to establish any evidence that Putin has approved any measures similar to those Russia believed to have taken during the 2016 and 2020 presidential elections to favor former President Donald Trump, according to several sources familiar with the issue who spoke under anonymity to discuss the findings.

According to anonymous intelligence officials, who are in violation of the law of leaked information for publication by journalists like the Associated Press, Russia isn't satisfied with the way Biden has responded to its incursion into Ukraine and wants to interfere in the next elections. The implication in this case is that the only way to confront Russia's misdeeds is to vote Democrat. If you don't, you're letting Putin take the lead. What a coincidence, isn't it?

It is no secret that the intelligence industry has frequently been involved in politics this way, using bogus claims backed by data that is not provided. Political operatives from the right then pass off their accusations to liberal news media who declare them to be true even though there are no sources to support them. In the meantime, all that the American public is expected to get from such lies is that big bad Russia is looking for Republicans to prevail and Biden's own party to lose.

Additionally, note the unintentional phrases used in the report. Russia “may use” Biden's actions as a pretext the report claims. It's clear that there's nothing that suggests they'll do so, otherwise, you wouldn't be seeing such risk-taking. The mere act of placing the headline on the internet can be considered an endorsement of the Democrat Party, and that's the only thing that the Associated Press exists to do at the moment.

Republicans need to take a stand on this rubbish to avoid being taken over by it once more. There's no reason to admit that Russia is the cause. In the event that Democrats fall in the November elections, it won't be due to something Russia did. However, I wouldn't put my hope on many Republicans being able to confront the false claims of this kind. The worry of being called a liar on CNN is on the top of many of their minds.

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