Moore up to the Point: The Slippery Slope

Note: The following “Moore to the Point” commentary airs on NewsTalkSTL on 9 April. The audio is below.

We've all heard about the “slippery slope.” It's a logical fallacy-the notion that one path will eventually lead to the occurrence of negative events. It's a valid idea but only until it's not.

Do you remember the days of arguing about whether transgender students ought to be permitted to use the bathroom at their own discretion in school? It was some time ago. It wasn't too long ago that we had a debate over whether the biologically male athlete should be permitted to compete with female biological athletes such as, say for instance, last month.

Today, we're discussing whether or not a particular state can make it illegal to offer “gender affirming health care” to minors, which includes hormone therapy, hormonal blockers, as well as sex reassignment surgery. The White House, through spokeswoman Jen Psaki, is now opposing this legislation, and threatening that the Department of Justice will be investigating these laws as a potential infraction of the Constitution. Be aware that its procedures can have long-lasting and lasting impacts on children who aren't legally capable of making those decisions in their own right.

We've come a long way. It's a common misconception — until it's not.

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