Biden Continually Lies at Gun Control Event

Joe Biden was talking about his latest gun-control moves on the news this morning, including a brand new policy regarding “ghost guns.” Biden unveiled a new nominee to lead the ATF during the Rose Garden ceremony on Monday -Steve Dettlbach,, a former U.S. Attorney from Ohio under Barack Obama. Biden's previous candidate, David Chipman went down in flames over fears about his anti-gun radical position.

From ABC:

A top administration official said to ABC News, “At its core, this rule clarifies that anyone who wants to purchase a weapon parts kit that can be readily be converted to a fully assembled firearm must go through the same process they would have to go through to purchase a commercially made firearm in short weapon parts kits that may be readily convertible into working fully assembled firearms must be treated under federal law.”

The law also addresses ghost guns that have already been manufactured and are being used. The DOJ will have federally licensed dealers who receive firearms that aren't serialized to register them prior to selling the firearm. When a dealer licensed by the DOJ purchases ghost guns, the law will require that they serialize the weapon prior to selling it.

A number of Gun Owners of America have argued they're trying to expand the gun registry and limit the possibility of purchasing parts or repair firearms. The constitutionality of Biden's latest policy is likely to be challenged since the executive branch isn't able to create laws; it's the responsibility of Congress.

Biden made several questionable comments during his remarks.

He confused the ATF (Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives) with the AFT (The American Federation of Teachers).

He also discussed the possibility of prosecuting ghost guns in federal court.

In reality, the criminals aren't being effectively pursued in cities that are Democratically controlled. Are they saying that they were not already being prosecuted federally for crimes involving guns and are only now discovering it? Or is this a different situation?

Biden has also repeated a number of the lies he is known to tell. Do any of his friends ever ever tell him to stop repeating clearly false claims? Or they just don't care? Or perhaps they do tell him, but he continues to repeat it because he can't seem to stop lying.

He claimed that you could not purchase a cannon until the Second Amendment was passed.

It's not true, you might have been able to. Actually, you are able to do it right now. He received four Pinocchios in response to this assertion. However, that doesn't stop him from saying it.

Biden was adamant about gun manufacturers and claimed they have the same protection that only one other business can claim. Biden claimed that gun manufacturers aren't liable to lawsuits. This isn't true at all. They could be sued for everything related to their manufacturing; for instance, if a firearm malfunctions. But how can they be held accountable for the conduct of criminals using a gun? It's the same as pursuing car makers for a driver who tried to kill someone. It's idiotic. 

But take a look at the words Biden says when he compares the tobacco industry to the gun industry “Imagine the tobacco industry been able to resist prostitutes …”

Whoops. He's got Hunter along with the prostitutes in his mind.

Then he told a ridiculous tale about how one should not have greater than twenty bullets inside their guns. He is still convinced that the Second Amendment is about hunting deer.

What happens if you're in the situation that a mass gunman (or shooters) are firing at you, but Biden has cut off your capability to react with more than ten rounds? It's possible that you're in a bind. He's so ignorant on firearms and guns rights that at times it's terrifying. He's not even honest about the results of the assault weapons ban. “The law that barred the sale of assault weapons from 1994 to 2004 made little difference,” Lois Beckett wrote, who was a reporter in The New York Times years ago.

Biden made a comment about Dettelbach being the reason for the pleasant weather. There was speculation that this could refer to some conspiracy theory that is anti-Semitic.

It could be just an incidental comment, however Joe Biden has made so many questionable racial or ethnic statements it's hard to doubt Biden could make another one.

The incident almost ended horribly and tragically for Joe Biden when he appeared to fall on the steps from the elevated platform in the Rose Garden.

It was at least the descent of steps. He's also been able to trip 3 times when going up steps. Anyone can trip, but due to his gait issues and general confusion, the situation is getting more difficult for him.

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