DeSantis Scores Knockout Blow in Florida Redistricting

When will people stop doubting Ron DeSantis? Some critics suggested that the Florida Governor could not win the fight about Critical Race Theory. They said he could not stop school masks from being mandatory in the classroom. They also said that they believed that the Parental Right to Education Act was his downfall. Yet, DeSantis continues to come out smelling like roses. The latest instance could be among his biggest victories to date.

The redistricting debate has been raging in Florida for months, with Republicans who are in the state legislature trying their best to give up and give Democrats the same. DeSantis, on the contrary, was up in arms and declared that the GOP was not going to surrender. In the face of massive pressure, he rejected the map of the legislature and set up an impasse. Which one would be the first to blink?

We have a solution. DeSantis got a knockout win on redistricting.

They claimed he wouldn't be able to be victorious; however, that Florida man has proved his doubters wrong. In reality, this means that the GOP will be able to enjoy a 20-9 or 21-8 advantage, rather than the 18-11 or 17-12 seats the Republican-controlled Florida Senate originally tried to push through. Furthermore, the racial gerrymander, which was infamous in the northern portion of the state that extended for 200 miles, is probably a thing of the past. In the end, it was FL-5 that led to DeSantis's veto in the first place.

The governor's office is now set to present a map that they believe is fair and legal, and legislators will have no other choice than to approve the map. It's already a short time, and Republicans who are planning to run for the next election aren't going to want to get perceived as battling a popular GOP governor over something that is as crucial as the stopping of the racial discrimination. The people who said DeSantis doesn't have the power to make this happen are proven to be wrong.

Isn't it incredible how much a Republican can achieve when they decide to fight for their cause and see it through? It was in Maryland that Larry Hogan had an unfavorable court ruling and a chance to put an end to the practice of gerrymandering within the state. Instead, he agreed with Democrats and accepted a status quo map, and then tried to claim that he hit a homerun. This is the kind of cowardice we're familiar with coming from the GOP.

DeSantis is continuing to take the opposite approach, taking pleasure in fighting his adversaries. His determination and dedication has brought benefits to the state of Florida and Americans in general.

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