Tucker Carlson Exposes Shanghai’s Horrific Conditions

What's happening in Shanghai, China as I write this is one of the most shocking stories of the last century. This isn't because terrible atrocities haven't happened before. Yes, they have (and in China no less); however, it's not common to get a direct glimpse behind the curtain of an authoritarian government.

Due to the advancements in cell phone technology and the availability of VPNs, videos are being released from Shanghai that are truly horrifying.

The Chinese government is currently implementing COVID-19 lockdowns across the entire city, which exceed any lockdown previously seen. People are being locked in their homes, hungry, and without the ability to feed their pets, and dogs are being murdered in the streets. Surprisingly, these are the lucky ones; others are being assaulted and then taken by officers for “quarantine” centers. If they'll ever hear from them in the future is a real concern.

Tucker Carlson dove into the investigation on Monday night and produced the most detailed video I've ever seen that explains exactly what's going on. According to him, the CCP has really created hell on Earth.

Some of the scenes appear like things straight from dystopian novels. The cries of people in their houses while they slowly die because of a lack of food and being cut off entirely. While it's less important than the overall issue, those who have cats and dogs are sickened to watch Chinese police routinely murder animals.  While this is happening, drones from the government fly around , telling people to resist their inner urge to live in freedom.

As I've said, atrocities are not new; however, we've never witnessed anything like this before. This is the next generation of tyranny which was traditionally reserved for novels. However, here we are all watching the unfolding in real-time. In one of the clips Carlson presented, a CNN reporter discusses how police are locking the buildings on the outside using padlocks. Another clip lets us see a “quarantine” center where people are held in prison, with only a toilet and lacking essential items. Why? An absurd search for COVID-zero?

However, as shocking as this may be, Chinese communists aren't the only ones who advocate these types of grotesque and dictatorial methods. In the fall of last year, Leana Wen, former Planned Parenthood head and now CNN anchor actually spoke out to support the idea of not allowing those who have not been vaccinated to go out of their home. President Joe Biden himself tried to make use of the power of government to force those who were not vaccinated to be fired from their jobs, and then exiled from the rest of society. It's only a short distance from these actions to locking individuals in their homes.

Although I'm shocked by what the Chinese are doing, it's important to remember that plenty of prominent figures across the United States wanted the same thing. They just wanted it with a gentler touch. If there weren't states like Florida that stood up and said no to COVID-zero, who knows how far the situation would have gone. COVID-zero was a favored objective in the Biden administration until it was not.

However, the most pressing issue at the moment is the situation in China. Will the Western world ever develop an ear and take on economic costs over these brutal violations of human rights? I don't think so. Just two days ago it was reported that Dr. Anthony Fauci actually refused to criticize China's response. A weak leadership can cause chaos across the globe, and we're seeing this in a flurry with the present administration. It is possible that things will worsen.

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