After Trump Endorsed Dr. Oz for Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Seat, the Fallout Began

Many were shocked when former President Donald Trump announced this weekend his endorsement of the famous doctor, Mehmet Oz. Dr. Oz is a well-known TV doctor who is running as a Republican for the United States Senate Pennsylvania seat. It's a hotly contested seat on which a lot of viewers are keeping an eye because the outcome could determine the control of the Senate after the midterm elections. This could also affect the final two years of Biden's presidency. Several candidates would like to fill Senator Pat Toomey's vacant position.

Trump declared in a press release, “Dr. Oz is a tough, smart person and will never disappoint you, so I give him my complete and Total Approval.”

Dr. Oz responded to Trump's support by saying that Trump “knows how important it is to alter the types of people we bring to Washington. I'm prepared to fight. I am grateful to him for that and am elated to have received his endorsement.”

The primary candidate on the Republican side of the contest against Dr. Oz is David McCormick. He was a hedge-fund chief. In the most current polls, McCormick and Oz are extremely close in the primary race to be held on May 17.

The winner of this contest will be paired with whoever wins in the Democratic primary. Two candidates: John Fetterman, the progressive lieutenant governor of the state, and Congressman Conor Lamb, a moderate from the northwestern suburbs of Pittsburgh, are tied in a close race.

Senator Toomey is one of seven Republican senators who voted to convict Trump in February 2021. Trump was accused of being the catalyst behind the January 6 attack on the Capitol, and the impeachment case was taken before the Senate. The vote was 57-43 in favor but did not reach the required two-thirds majority.

Dr. Oz has become famous for the syndicated television show “The Dr. Oz Show.” His name is well-known among TV viewers. His popularity was threatened in 2014 when an investigation into some shady diet advertisements and products he featured on his show showed they did not conform to accepted scientific standards. One of these products included extracts of green coffee beans as dietary supplements. Dr. Oz claimed in 2012 that this supplement was a “miracle.”

In the beginning, Trump supported Sean Parnell for Toomey's Senate seat. However, Parnell was forced to end his campaign in November 2021 due to his ex-wife's accusations of physical abuse, and he was stripped of custody of his three children.

Trump announcing his support for Dr. Oz has generated some anger among his faithful supporters. Some say that Dr. Oz has flipped regarding abortion, and they're not certain that he is truly an “America First” candidate.

A few Trump supporters are confused because Oz’s main GOP contender, Dave McCormick, has had Hope Hicks by his side. She was an ex-Trump White House official. Another Trump associate, Stephen Miller, shifted his support from McCormick to Oz following Trump’s announcement.

Then Sean Parnell talked about his appreciation of Trump and how honored he was to receive his support. He also stated that he was dissatisfied by Trump's endorsement of Oz, because he is the “antithesis of everything that made Trump the best president of my lifetime.”

Conservative Radio host Erick Erickson tweeted that he believed that Trump's team was trying to undermine the former president, convincing him to sign his “worst possible endorsements.”

The most serious criticism was made by Republican Rep. Mo Brooks from Alabama. He's also running for an Alabama Senate seat. He claimed that Trump has been surrounded by staff members who belong “on McConnell's payroll and [are] hostile to the MAGA agenda.” McConnell hasn't come out to support either GOP candidate because he believes that both are in a position to win regardless of who wins the primary.

Many will be keeping an eye on the impact that Trump's endorsement will have in May.

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