Democratic Senator Manchin Reviles His Party’s Handling of Rampant Inflation

If your side is constantly ripping you apart when you're giving them what they deserve, you're definitely doing something right. West Virginia Democratic Senator Joe Manchin is on the attack again, and this time he is taking on his fellow senators for the Biden Administration's handling of the escalating inflation rate.

On Tuesday, he tweeted: “When will this stop? It's injustice to the American citizens to act as [if] inflation is a brand new phenomenon. It is not. [The] Federal Reserve and the administration were not quick enough to react, and today's numbers are an illustrative snapshot of the effects that are being felt across the nation.”

This isn't an isolated incident. Manchin has slammed his own party in the past. This comes at a time when the United States is facing the most severe inflation in 40 years. Watching the latest inflation figure come in at 8.5 percent overall (a number that seems to be misleadingly low considering the prices of the items purchased most frequently) is a complete shock and not just for the information it provides about the month of March 2022 but also because it indicates that the trend isn't slowing. If you think that things are poor right now, keep an eye on the summer months.

This leads one to think that there are more unhappy Democrats who are keeping silent at the moment. According to the consulting company Lee Resources, “for every customer complaint there are 26 other unhappy customers who have remained silent.” That's a lot of people, hundreds of frightened Dem Congressmen and women who fear losing their seats in November and could change their minds between now and then. In fact, some Democrat politicians are in complete protest about the decision to abolish Title 42 in May, as it is widely believed this will unleash a fresh wave of immigrants. 

According to Vox, a new fracture is forming within Democrats after the Biden Administration ended the border restrictions of the pandemic era that permitted the U.S. to deport many thousands of immigrants to Mexico Moderate Democrats protested and joined Republicans in demanding that they be restored.

Media outlets appear to be in full panic mode, too. MSNBC's Stephie Ruhle is echoing other liberal media outlets: “It's not good. If you examine the same numbers year after year. You said it, we've not been here for more than 40 years. The biggest increases are in gas, rent, and food. Everything you have to purchase daily. Therefore, those with the highest financial vulnerability will be the most affected.”

If Biden cheerleaders such as Vox and MSNBC are concerned then you should be worried, Uncle Joe.

This Biden presidency has caused destruction in our country for the past year, and it's sometimes easy to overlook the fact that it could have been more dire. If it wasn't due to Manchin (and Arizona Democratic Senator Kyrsten Sinema) taking a stand against some of the more radical plans that are being offered by Biden's administration, we'd really be on the brink of a disaster. It would be good to see them switch to a different party. The good thing is that these two are offering cover to other colleagues with similar interests who aren't looking for America to be completely flushed down the drain. Take a look at the surge of Democrat retirements from Congress. The Titanic's captain could have seen this happening.

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