Extremist Social Media Activity Reveal Much About NYPD’s “Person of Interest” in Brooklyn Subway Attacks

New York City police have announced that Frank R. James is a “person of interest” in the Brooklyn subway attack during which a minimum of 10 people were shot and at least 16 injured in total. The police haven't stated if they believe he was the one responsible for the shootings. They believe he was a passenger in a U-haul truck thought to be linked to the shooting.

Police explained how they reached this conclusion. The perpetrator used two smoke grenades in a subway train in Brooklyn before shooting people. It was reported that the suspect is 5 feet 5 inches, male, Black, heavyset, wearing a green vest and gray sweatshirt. The hunt is on at the present.

Heavy has found a variety of accounts linked to James. On YouTube, James shared a video under the title “Prophet oftruth88” about a brutal slashing incident and other violent crimes in the New York subway. The Pix11 news report included at the beginning of the YouTube video concerned New York City Mayor Eric Adams being asked about the rise in crimes in subways as well as homeless people. “Here we go again,” James replied.

The video goes on to an extended rant that includes images of seated people on a screen behind James. He claimed that the featured people (they don't have names) should help James, but they caused him to become “more dangerous.” He also criticized Adams and said “these are the people” whom he planned to send to assist the homeless. He also said that the majority of mentally sick homeless are Black. He ranted about a location known as “Bridgeway” and homosexuals.

This is one reason why the police have provided security to Adams and his family.

There was a second video in which James talked about another mass shooter. If you watch it, beware of graphic language. In the footage, James talks about the Molson Coors shooter, Anthony Ferrill, who was Black and said that he had been “discriminated against” and “no one say and do sh*t” until he began shooting people. “And I've dealt with it time and time again.” He claimed to be a machinist and described it as one of the most “racist” trades in the nation. He contended that there was a “bunch that were racist” white mothers of f ****** within that trade. He also commented about white people by saying that Black and white folks shouldn't share the same planet.

There are also a number of extremist blogs and posts linked to James that discuss killing people, according to reports. He also stated that he was deeply unhappy to learn that Ketanji Brown Jackson was married by a white male.

It's possible to go on at great length, but they haven't completely erased his Facebook or YouTube accounts, so there's lots to look at. However, it's safe to say that James has many issues and doesn't appear to be well. Hopefully, the authorities will find him quickly.

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