White House Dismisses “Bird Poop” on Biden’s Shoulder as Corn (Popped?)

During his comments in Menlo, Iowa, President Joe Biden declared that he will be lifting restrictions on E15 blend, an ethanol blend in fuel, this summer in order to boost the fuel supply. There was no announcement for the long run, such as lifting drilling restrictions that could be beneficial to the situation and also lower the price of gas. Biden attempted to blame “70 percent of the increase” in the figure published by the Consumer Price Index on Tuesday as “Putin's price hike.”

Let's look at how high the inflation rate has been going and for how long to see how badly the Biden Administration has gotten it in the end. However, Biden would tell us to forget about the evidence that Bidenflation has been taking money out of our bank accounts, more than $400 each month for some. 

Even Biden didn't seem to believe he was himself. He said the president felt “bored” with what he was speaking about.

One moment that best summarized his comments was when Biden’s left shoulder was hit by bird poop during his remarks. However, the White House explained that the bird wasn't actually a bird but corn. So we should have found corn popping up close to Joe Biden.

In the end, this time the White House may finally have revealed the truth about something. Here's what was happening close to Joe: corn was flying about. The funny thing about all this is that Biden has been advocating for more ethanol since the corn price began rising, and we could be headed into food shortages as corn may be needed to provide feed for cattle. Ethanol isn't the most effective option because it's not the most efficient fuel.

The move didn't go down well with some people, such as Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX), who felt Biden's decision was a bit naive. It's shortsighted, especially as he has a lot of alternatives, such as easing restrictions and allowing more drilling. But Biden isn't going to move in that direction and annoy his supporters on the left. But, as for Biden, there's no consistency or logic about his policy.

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