Former Clinton Lawyer’s Attempt to Have Russian-Hoax-Related Case Dismissed Fails, Causing Hillary Some Lost Sleep

It appears that the people in Clinton-land are likely to be disappointed with the recent verdict in the case of former Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann. After the case filings went viral all across the internet, revealing the monitoring of Donald Trump's DNS look-ups, someone must not have appreciated the attention that Hillary Clinton was once again receiving in the Russian-hoax matter. Then came the motion to dismiss the case by Sussmann's lawyer. Sussman was charged with making a false statement to the FBI after he told FBI General Counsel James Baker that he wasn't employed by any company when he provided them with the details accusing Donald Trump of having covert communications with the Russian Alfa Bank; but, in fact, Sussmann was employed by Tech Executive-1 (Rodney Joffe) as well as the Clinton campaign.

The ruse enticed the FBI to investigate the matter, unaware that it was triggered by an incident involving the Clinton campaign. The Alfa Bank allegations–that in some way the Trump Organization was communicating with the Kremlin through Alfa Bank–were later proven false.

However, the final decision on this motion came out on Wednesday and was rejected. Sussmann's lawyers had requested dismissal of the case, arguing that the alleged lie for which Sussmann is facing prosecution wasn't “material” as required by the charges. The judge decided that the issue of relevance was the responsibility of the jury, and, therefore, he could not dismiss the case and the government needed to be given the opportunity to present its case on the subject. The judge, therefore, denied dismissal. The judge also mistakenly verified that the company was Tech Executive-1 by putting the name of Rodney Joffe on file. This means that the case will go to trial on May 16, notwithstanding any postponements or pleas prior to that.

This isn't a reason for Hillary Clinton to celebrate because Sussmann's options for how to proceed are quickly running out. He could plead guilty or stand trial, with more evidence expected to surface about what was a Clinton conspiracy. In the meantime, if he's facing the brick wall of charges, that's when the Special Counsel is likely to request more details about the plot–who knew what when and other information. The web seems to be closing in. In fact, John Podesta and officials from Hillary for America were interrogated in connection with this particular case.

So, go ahead and grab some popcorn. If he doesn't agree to a plea deal, we could be treated to some entertaining testimony and lots of sweating by members of the Clinton team.

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