Public Library Offers Older Adults a Segregated Dance Class

Today, not too different from 70 years ago, segregation is all the rage.

In Wisconsin's Madison Public Library, they're staying current.

The library offers an elderly Movement and Meditation class that is not open to whites.

According to an announcement, it states that sessions will be held on May 1 at Goodman South Madison Library and Meadowridge Library.

Here's what nonwhites are likely to appreciate:

Moving and Meditation is a class where meditation and movement are combined for an hour! Flexible movements are shared with everyone's abilities. Writing and notebooks supplies will be available. This is an opportunity to connect with your neighbors while learning more about movement, dance and mindfulness.

The library clearly takes the ever-popular position of claiming that “community” refers to those who have a similar shade of skin.

As for becoming acquainted with the members of one's “community,” that might be transgender people:

All kinds of identities, skills and abilities are accepted.

If you're white, you're not allowed to go:

This course is designed to be geared towards BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) seniors over 55. The number of seats is limited and you must sign up to reserve your place…

The Caucasian-free foray “presented by the KLJ Movement.”

KLJ Movement is a professional dance and performance company that has embraced the impact of brown and black people in the dance world.

The final class of the day “will include time for reflection and connection.” Do you think anyone could reflect on the notion that segregation is incompatible with the much-needed nation-wide unity?

It's possible that it's on the docket.

At the very least, they'll be connecting to the past:

When it comes to racial discrimination in the 50s until the 1990s it's possible to say that America was progressing, and that regression is the norm of the moment. In addition, Madison is not the only one to keep up with.

We're neck-deep in division; just look at these other headlines:

Major University Trains Its Students in Groups of White and Non-White Students.

Another University offers a Racially Segregated Graduation

University of Michigan Hosts Two Cafes, one for Whites and One for Everyone Else

Nearly 50 “Racial Healing Centers' hit American College Campuses

School District Apologizes for including White Students in Support Circles' Following Chauvin Verdict

Ivy League University Offers Separate Graduation Ceremonies Based on the Race of the Student

Prominent Private University hosts “Racial Healing Spaces” Separated by Race

It appears to me that the nation would be best to unite. Martin Luther King thought the same thing, but his vision has been mostly ignored. It is essential that we be together, work together, talk together, and work together to find our way towards an improved America.

However, there is a problem in Madison, Wisconsin — according to a government institution — we're not allowed to dance with each other.

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