Zelensky is grateful of US Military Aid, Requests for More

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is reiterating the need for greater material aid for the military. The remarks were made in an interview that aired on the 17th of April on Sunday together with Jake Tapper of CNN.

In an interpreter's voice, Zelensky responded to Biden's decision on the 13th of April, on Wednesday, to give $800M for military assistance.

… I'm glad that he's now helping us. I believe that at present, we're having an improved conversation. The dialogue has been a bit tangled and turns, but it's more than just talking. It's been extremely challenging, as there aren't many nations that have been able to help us.

The assistance of America United States, led by President Biden -They're still doing it todayhowever, it will never be enough. It's impossible to have enough. There's a massive war currently in progress, which means we need much more than we do in the present.

Unfortunately, we don't have any advantages in technology over our competitors, just not at the same level there. However, our soldiers are more formidable. We have a lot to gain as we understand our purpose, our goal that we're fighting to achieve. We're defending our country. Families and children we talked about before knowing what we believe in and we know where we gain our determination.

For Biden's confirmed $800 million in funding what's most important is speed.

When I asked him concerning the Biden Administration's insistence that the aid will ultimately be used to put Ukraine in the best position to benefit from a peaceful settlement, Zelensky referenced the horrific human rights abuses and the complete genocide carried out by Russian troops because, for some baffling reason, not favorable to diplomatic solutions.

… (W)here do you see the agreement that comes through that of the Russian Federation? Perhaps we can stop the war without restrictions. It is possible that the war will end without any compromise or dialogue and without sitting at a table of negotiations with the Russian president. Russia.

You'll be able to understand every day like I've said earlier What's the cost of this? It's the people, the many victims of the tragedy. Who pays for all this? It's Ukraine and us alone.

We think this is a great price. If we have the chance to discuss, we'll use it. If we only speak in response to a Russian ultimatum is the issue of attitude towards us, not whether the dialog is good or not. It's impossible. If it is not done sooner it means there are fewer people who will be killed.

However, it's not proven that this is the case in any way. However, it is possible. Therefore, we ought to attempt. We'd like to liberate our countryand get back what's ours. We can take on with the Russian Federation for 10 years to claim the land that belongs to us. We could follow this route.

It is important to know the situation, be aware of your strengths, and remember that you're not fighting on your own. Can you imagine that you'd have to fight one-on-1 with an extremely large state, one that's 28 times bigger than the United States, in terms of size, territoriality and economics? The army of their state is bigger.

It is impossible to fight with their own character. To be able to fight together you need equipped today or next day, not in the next two to three months. Certain countries aren't offering help. They may send millions of dollars but we're still likely to end up losing our nation.

This is why you need to find a way to balance the two, regardless of regardless of whether you'd like to or not. You're not the only hero. People who are heroes. We must ensure their lives to the maximum extent possible. The conditions have to be suitable for human beings, if actually, it's feasible. We are not able to abandon our land However, we have to establish a dialog with Russia If they're competent and if we're yet to be ready.

However, the odds of this happening are decreasing each day. When you can think about Bucha and Borodyanka, Volnovakha, Izyum, Mariupol. After all there is no desire to engage in discussions. Society doesn't want to keep talking. This is a huge tragedy.

The interview also included an amusing moment when Tapper and Zelensky shared notes about how, in the in the midst, teenagers are steadfastly teenage girls.

TAPPER: How's your kids and your wife? Are they fine?

ZELENSKY: Normal. Thank you for everything.

TAPPER: They're OK?


TAPPER What is the age of your children?

ZELENSKY My daughter is nearly 18, and my son is 9or nearly 9.

TAPPER I have a 12 year old boy …


TIPPER … as well as the girl is 14 years old. It's a bit …

ZELENSKY: Girl? Do you know me? 14-year-old girl.


ZELENSKY: We understand.


I phone my daughter and she says: “Can't talk, dad. Very busy.”




Tapper “I'm very busy.”

ZELENSKY The truth is I'm sure it'sand without knocking on the door, I'm unable to talk to my daughter.

The discussion reverted back to serious issues when Zelensky asked if the fact that he was an Jew even if not religious, had any kind of Passover-themed message for the world.

I believe that the method we fight in our fight for freedom sends the most significant message. You can convey a variety of messages through words. They are sent by different individuals.

When it comes down to action only a few people take action in accordance with their statements. In the present I think Ukrainian citizens demonstrate through their actions that they are fighting for and safeguarding freedom, a fundamental the principle of freedom. The principles are everywhere.

If our citizens will not be able to safeguard the freedoms of their own country, it's an alarm to other countries that they're permissible to go and stab, and shoot, and take over the land of other people. I believe that the way in which our people behave today sends a message to the entire world.

On a more personal note Zelensky stated this while being asked his legacy of choice.

A human being who loved life to the max and loved his family as well as his homeland, but definitely not an hero.

I would like people to see me exactly as I am an ordinary human being.

… I think our people are real and special. It's just not possible for me to be less than them.

In certain instances I am feeling like everything is a risk. I know that the other people suffer from this too, as are individuals are experiencing that are trapped in basements, have lost their children, what is the state of our soldiers at the moment.

It is my understanding that I must to be the most powerful one in this scenario. This is the whole point. Most important is how my kids are looking at me. They should be happy for me. That is probably the biggest aspect. I am doing everything to achieve this.

Arguments for and against Ukraine are a waste of time when confronted with pictures from Bucha. It's irrelevant what mainstream media says on the Ukraine-Russia war. Sometimes, even MSM uncovers the truth. People are fleeing their homes for safety. Many are suffering and many are Russian soldiers infected with propaganda and insanity. This war is an act of madness sparked by the psychotic Vladimir Putin. Any aid that is not war-related, i.e., American military personnel, must be offered to Ukraine in case Russia succeed , and the country will then be unable to end the war. Is Zelensky perfect? Absolutely isn't. If your option is Putin then you have to use what you've got.

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