A Pleasant Easter Surprise During this Pennsylvania Town’s Easter Egg Hunt

Every now and then we, the writers, and readers, have the opportunity to discover an interesting political story that, instead of becoming a scuffle or sparking an endless legal battle, can be tied in a neat, neat bow with a quick and uplifting result. It's also fitting to share something like this with you during Easter, since it's the most optimistic, hopeful day of the Christian calendar.

In this instance, the good news comes through The Washington Examiner, from their section entitled “Restoring America.” (I love the sound of this already!)

The writer of the Examiner starts by describing the city Easton, Pennsylvania, with an estimated population of 27,000, who was experiencing a small issue with their Easter eggs this year.

On Wednesday last week, you see the city's director, Luis Campos, informing the city council that they were having issues right there at River City (Easton sits at the point of convergence between both the Delaware as well as the Lehigh river).

Campos informed the council members that in his infinite wisdom, he took the decision to eliminate”Easter” from any official social media posts regarding the coming Easter egg hunt.

Campos was the only one to speak out during the Tuesday City Council meeting, announcing the change based on an effort to show the neutrality of the city as reported by Lehigh Valley Live. Campos modified the postings after a citizen complained over the words' Christian meaning, he explained.

The resident was evidently worried that using the term “Easter” might represent a violation of the separation between the state and church.

It is the moment in the story when there is a lot of confusion. You know, legal battles break out. However, as I mentioned in the beginning, it wasn't the case for Easton.

Sal Panto, the town's mayor, met with the city attorney, and by Thursday, the issue was resolved. According to his post on Facebook:

After a discussion in Council on Wednesday night, the Administration followed-up with our lawyers and the phrase “Easter” will remain in our announcements regarding this year's Easter Egg Hunt.

Hizzoner said that the rain-delayed events (I'm thinking that it was an egg hunt) will take place on Saturday (yesterday) and are hosted through Easton City Recreation and Neighborhood Programs department. 

I'm with another commenter (who seems to be from the area) on the Mayor's Facebook page:

“Glad ya grew a set of eggs yourself. Next thing ya know, we can't say the word Christmas. It's a shame [you] even had to have a discussion about this.”

I believe the end result of this scenario suggests that things are moving in the right direction. Conservatives have made a positive impact in restoring common sense in the United States even if it's only in a tiny way.

Thank you God.

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