Former Trump Attorney Aiming to Decertify 2020 Election

You think all the discussion about decertifying the presidential election in 2020 is over? It's not. An ex-lawyer who worked for Donald Trump, John Eastman, was recently on a trip to Wisconsin to have a meeting with the Republican head of the state assembly. Eastman is one of the targets from the House committee that is investigating the attack of January 6 on the Capitol, and is one of Trump's allies who came up with plans to help the former president retain the White House by arguing that Vice President Mike Pence could reject electors in 2020's presidential election.

Eastman, together with other supporters of Trump, had a meeting with Republican Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos in March, in an attempt to persuade her to revoke Biden's win in 2020, according to people who were present at the meeting.

This group of GOP allies got together with Vos for more than two hours to try to return voters they believe were erroneously given to Biden.

Eastman was summoned to appear before the congressional committee that is investigating the Capitol attack; However, he has not been cooperating in submitting documents due to his attorney-client privilege. Recently, a federal judge ordered him to release the majority of the documents requested.

Jefferson Davis, a Wisconsin Republican activist, attended that meeting in March with Eastman and Vos. He said that in the meeting Eastman encouraged Vos to begin “reclaiming the electors.”

Eastman replied to questions about the meeting by stating, “By explicit request from Speaker Vos, that meeting was confidential, so I am not able to make any comment.”

Following the conference, Vos declared his decision that the 2020 elections cannot be certified as invalid. However, he declared his position that the election was awash with fraud, and decried a contemptible judge last month for failing to turn over documents in connection with the investigation led by Republicans that he launched in May 2021 to investigate the presidential election.

This is the most recent attempt by Eastman to have the election reversed. In February, he sat down with Colorado's campaign to block the election as they gathered for the “emergency town hall meeting” in Castle Rock. The event was facilitated by FEC United founder Joe Oltman, who rallied support for the Secretary of State for Colorado, Jenna Griswold. The claim is that she participated in an election fraud scheme. At the time of the discussion, Eastman reported that he is presently involved in legal proceedings over the elections of Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, and Wisconsin. He also spoke about the personal attacks that he and others are experiencing, and described them as “pure evil.”

Former President Trump has been following the efforts of Eastman closely, and said in a statement last month that Speaker Vos should “do the right thing and correct the Crime of the Century–immediately! My opinion is there are other states that will do the same thing, Wisconsin should lead them in the right direction!”

Another close all-time ally of Trump, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell, has also teamed up with others in Wisconsin in urging the state's leaders to do something about the voters. Lindell is currently facing a $1.3 billion lawsuit brought by Dominion Voting Systems. They allege that he spread false information regarding Dominion's voting systems. He was in Mar-a-Lago this week with Trump in order to go to a fundraising event for Arizona governor candidate Kari Lake.

It appears that the more people like Eastman and Lindell who try to reverse the outcomes of the election and rescind the election results, the more they are persons of interest for the investigation into the attack of January 6. A federal judge, who directed Eastman to provide his attorney's papers, has already stated the following: Trump “more likely than not” committed felony obstruction when trying to reverse the results of the election.

Now, the media is still focusing on reports that describe the recounts, filings, and audits, which fail to find any widespread fraud within battleground states.

The Associated Press reported that only 24 of the 3.3 million voters who cast their ballots in the election of 2020 have been charged with electoral corruption in Wisconsin.

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