The Media’s New Talking Point Defending Joe Biden Misses its Mark

Although there are times when you can find some truth from liberal media, for instance the time CNN polling analyst Harry Enten said how “really, really, really bad” the polling results for Joe Biden were — in fact, the worst for anyone at this point of their tenure, a lot of the liberal media remains an acid-saturated pool of individuals whose goal it is to promote the Democratic narrative and to do whatever they can to help Joe Biden.

One of the worst shills for Democratic stories includes CNN's John Harwood. However, his argument for Joe Biden — the most recent Democratic talking point to justify his mistakes — won't help him. In fact, it only makes him appear worse. According to Harwood, there's nothing Biden can do to address all the issues that plague the nation.

There's not much president Joe Biden can do about the issue.

There's nothing that he can do to stop inflation.

There's little that he can do to prevent migrants from crossing the southern border, or to decrease crime, or to ensure that vaccine resistant people receive shots that will speed up the ending of the coronavirus epidemic.

There's little that he can do to get cooperation from those who defect within his slender Democratic majority in Congress. There's nothing that he can do to force the cooperation of Republican opponents who prefer to cause more harm than ease his burdens.

However, this seems to be the latest topic of discussion in the media. It's also on ABC, Sunday.

Harwood even acknowledges that Biden's policies contributed to inflation “Liberal and conservative economists share a growing consensus that Biden's $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan last year pumped too much money into the economy.” However, his answer? “Yet the White House can't fundamentally alter that reality now.”

Ah, well, then we're supposed to suffer because you tell him that it's incorrect and he made it happen in the first place? In the course of lying in front of us regarding inflation as “transitory” for months? And he keeps lying about it being the fault of Putin? The worst part is that Biden could have spent more money on the programs he was trying to pass through Congress, which would have increased inflation further. Therefore, he's either ignorant of what is the cause of inflation, or is so enthralled in spending money for an agenda that is based on the Democratic plan that he does not even care about what the impact might be on Americans.

Harwood's rationalization for Biden regarding the border issue was more scathing. In this, Harwood claimed, Biden was just a “victim of circumstances.” “To the extent that further increases resulted simply from trading Trump's harsh-on-immigrants profile for Biden's more congenial one, the incumbent can't change that.” Are you kidding? Since the beginning, Biden has attempted to stop everything that had worked in Trump's border strategy. It's only been worse since Biden became president precisely due to his policies. Harwood is displeased that “electorally vulnerable Democrats have joined the pile-on from the right” in slamming Biden. The most vulnerable Democrats are aware that they will be held accountable for the policies of Biden and appropriately so if they fail to take action to stop the policies.

Imagine thinking it's a great argument to convince people that there's nothing to do. Biden is already looking weak and uninformed. You're planning to play the idea that there's no action he could take after having caused the majority of these issues or even worsened them? You're thinking, “Oh, well”? If you do this, you're likely to create that weak and incompetent appear even more problematic.

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