Exclusive Graduation Ceremony for LGBTQIA+ Students

If you're getting your degree at South Florida University, the person you'd prefer to rub against when you take off your gown will decide where you'll move after the gown is put on.

As reported by Campus Reform, the school is holding a graduation event just for those who belong to the LGBTQIA group.

Of course, there are methods to gain access, other than admiring certain appendages, the possibility of participation is by virtue of your identity of. If you're a woman and you like men, simply state that you're a male and the entry is yours.

In addition to the other rainbow's letters, thanks to Irvine Valley College, here's an acronymic explanation of all that the vowels and consonants include:














Gender Queer



Gender Variant

“Ally” obviously opens the doors large.

However, those who are of the non-supportive, straight, cisgender type do not have to be concerned.

The following email message was allegedly addressed to 2022's graduating class:

The Lavender Graduation is an event in which USF students (undergrad or graduate or professionally) that self-identify themselves being LGBTQ+ and have completed their studies, or plan to graduate during the academic year 2021-2022, have the chance to be honored in a separate ceremony in addition to the traditional USF Commencement ceremony.

What's the significance of “lavender”? CR gives the reason:

The ceremony is dubbed the “Lavender Ceremony ” because lavender is a mix of pink triangles gay men were required to wear, as well as the black triangles lesbian women were required to wear during concentration camps in Nazi Germany, according to the Human Rights Campaign.

Separate graduations are certainly taking the attention of students, as America is preparing for a brand new historical stage of segregation.

More from the Campus Reform:

In 2021, Columbia University held 6 distinct ceremonies for graduates from different races and genders. Chapman University, located in California, was one of the schools that followed this tradition and also held the following graduation ceremonies: a Black graduation ceremony, an Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APDA) graduation ceremony, purple (LGBTQ+) graduation, a disability graduation, a Middle Eastern graduation, and a Latinx graduation.


The first Lavender graduation ceremony took place in 1995, and the idea quickly gained momentum. Today, more than 100 universities have a separate ceremony for graduation for their LGBTQ students.

Segregationist tendencies are leaking into all kinds of American sectors, just take a look at these headlines:

Public Library hosts an Adult Dance Class for the Older Adults. No Whites Are Allowed.

Harvard Finances Album of No-Whites-Allowed Music After Black Students “Excruciating” Year

Home Depot Tells Its Staff They are White-Privileged Oppressors as well as Marginalized Victims

State University Hosts a Cabaret Showcase for all Students However White Ones are the Only Exclusion

For Lent A Chicago Church is ‘Fasting from Whiteness'

I think if we're going to hold separate graduation ceremonies, we probably want to have separate schools. This could be the direction we're heading.

There was a time in America where unity was believed to be the strength of our nation. Nowadays, we're told that our strength is built on diversity, and in certain situations, that's not entirely the case.

There are also those who consider independence to be a virtue.

What is the fate of a nation which aspired to be “one nation under God”?

This is, as of now, not known. However, it seems we will find out.

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