Financial Fraud Conviction for Another Democrat

The state of New York cannot catch a break from the brutality that is the Democratic Party. From the scandalous former governor Andrew C. Cuomo's concealment of the killing of seniors using COVID-19, to his sexual indiscretions. The state is rife with corrupt politicians looking for illicit gains. The most recent Democrat trying to escape corruption is none other than Lieutenant Governor Brian Benjamin.

Brian Benjamin gave up and surrendered himself to police. Benjamin is being accused of huge amounts of campaign finance fraud.

Newsbreak revealed the indictment issued by police and said that the accused was funneling funds to a real-estate investor since the investor contributed money to his campaign for president. The incident proves that corruption doesn't fall very far away in the Democratic tree.

The indictment said that Benjamin was bribing people with public funds and enticed people to contribute to his political goals. Benjamin was personally selected by the governor in charge, Kathy Hochul.

Kathy Hochul was once Andrew Cuomo's accomplice in the destruction of New York. Hochul took over the role when the sexual predator eventually removed himself from office out of humiliation. Hochul can't be blind to the actions of the people she collaborates with. She could have had information about how the money came from to finance the campaign she was collaborating on with Benjamin.

The commander-in-chief has officially resigned from his post. The indictment further states that “The  indictment against Benjamin is a five-count indictment. Benjamin said that while he was Senator from the state, he had arranged to funnel $50,000 of state funds to a Harlem developers' charity. In return, the developer collected hundreds of dollars worth of illegal donations towards Benjamin's 2020 Senate campaign, as well as his unsuccessful 2021 campaign to become New York City comptroller.”

Benjamin is a perfect example of a Democrat using corrupt methods to advance his political career. The sole reason Benjamin stopped his activities was because he was eventually caught with the pot of money.

The reality that Benjamin quit isn't a typical thing. Democrats are not willing to be held accountable for their decisions. Democrats are able to safeguard those who are essential to the long-term strategy they are pursuing. The fact that someone is removed from the party so quickly proves that they weren't so crucial to the Democratic plan as they might believe they were.

Damian Williams is the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York. He quickly pointed out that Benjamin's conduct was criminal. Benjamin is involved in political corruption. The use of taxpayer money to induce people to contribute to his political campaign is illegal.

Hochul has had aspirations to run for the governor's post for a long time. She has plans to run for governor during the next elections. However, now that she's been a part one of the two coalitions operating New York state, she might prefer not to even try to run. The corruption is circling her. She could be claiming ignorance in both cases, but she should have suspected that there was something wrong due to the amount of money flowing through.

Benjamin could have handed himself in to the authorities, but Benjamin has since denied being in court. Benjamin was released from jail with a $250,000 bail. He also has to get permission to travel anywhere with a significant impact. Like any corrupt Democrat, he does not provide any explanations about the reasons he's implicated in these crimes.

The man of the moment was expected to set an example for the future generation. However, the younger politicians coming from the Democratic Party are not proving to be the future fighting powerhouse that people believed they'd be.

Benjamin's actions significantly damaged liberals' vision to improve the status of New York. A lot of their supporters are not well-liked by voters due to their sexist policies. The Democrats are the ones to lose many power positions during the next election, because people don't believe that they can represent the public interest in the legislative halls.

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