Midterm Meltdowns at MSNBC Are Beautiful to See

As is the case for every honest, at a minimum, and knowledgeable person in America that pays even a little of interest in politics, MSNBC seems to be completely aware that the midterm elections will be an absolute disaster. How do I put this? It's an amazing thing to look at.

Mix anchor Tiffany Cross had some reactions and it's downright hilarious.

Cross met together with Democrat strategist Terrance Woodbury on Monday to discuss the prospects of the party for the midterm elections in November. After a lot of gnashing and clutching of teeth, the Democrat duo came to the same conclusion: “We have to put Trump on the ballot” in November.

Cross, sounding exhausted from the fear of the coming dumpster fire, started the celebrations by introducing Woodbury and flying in as a blatant wingsman for The Democrat Party.

“People are tired, and Terrance I've reviewed many of the statistics … Strategies… you speak to the younger generation of voters, but also to people from all walks of life. Do you sense the urgency of the voters this time? Are people feeling tired and wipe the sweat off their brows, but don't plan to take part? What's your opinion?”

Put the tape down. “People”? “Voters”? Nonsense, Tiffany. Democrat people. Democrat voters. Be sincere. Heck, even the most Trump-obsessed of Fox News hosts at least use the terms Republicans as well as Republican voters, instead of wildly trying to appear objective.

Like it always is for MSNBC as well as CNN, Woodbury caught the softball and was totally about it:

This is exactly the right thing to do, Tiffany. Morale is extremely low within those in the Democratic coalition. [See: “Joe Biden.”] There is a sense of cynicism as well as anger [ See: “Lyin' Biden”] at the perceived absence of progress in progressivism. [See: “The worst president in at least modern history.”] 

The truth is, Democrats have made substantial advancements [completely absurdly] on the issues that are significant to the Democratic base members, however they're not telling the whole story. Because that is an untruth. It is a lie.

A part of what we're required to accomplish during the midterm elections is to convey the message that business that isn't finished. There are two sides to that: an aspect of that unfinished business is Trump [How do I know?]. We must place Trump on the electoral roll. Have you reviewed every poll across the nation?

And you know that “unfinished business” with Trump? Woodbury has told even another set of Democrat deceit. Bigly.

“The multiracial coalition, that surge that you talked about in 2018 and was revived in 2020, the thing that unites the surge was an anti-MAGA, Anti-Trump, anti-racism sentiment (falsely propagated in members of the Democrat Party] that really began to rise during the spring of 2020.”

“We need to get Trump again on our ballots [so that they can lie to their heart's content yet again (still)however it doesn't mean we can make any Republican appear like Trump. (Wanna bet they don't try to achieve that?”

This means that we will have to literally [insane use of the word] state that, if Republicans take control of both the House or in the Senate by 2022, they'll install Trump in 2024.

The translation: Trump will win. Again, see: “The polls.”

The Democrats “have to put Trump on the ballot” in November. As funny as this strategy is, the motivation is just as hilarious.

If our President's' “accomplishments” have been as efficient and abundant as the president as well as Nancy Pelosi claim — there's been no achievements and the opposite is true, what was the reason why Woodbury suggested that each Democrat who is on the ballot in November should be based on the Biden record? It's been a disaster since day one and is only getting worse.

Another reality is Stage Four Trump Derangement Syndrome that persists to be a major issue in the minds of those who thought that the 2020 election was the “mandate” to radically change the fundamental foundations of America; and for which it is still paying an unjust price. But in reality, the vote and its results were all about “It ain't broke, don't fix it,” regardless of the Democrats' claims to the contrary.

The midterms are still on the horizon. In the event of Trump being “on the ballot,” an old-fashioned ass-kicking is in store for Nancy along with the House Democrats as well as Chuck Schumer's Senate Democratic majority. And what about Joe? Are we going to see him in 2024 as “Big Guy”? Let's hope so.

What do you think of Tiffany Cross “looking at a lot of data”? Please.

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