The Mask Mandate is History, but What Happens Next?

Ten days ago, on another plane heading back home, the woman sitting next to me was an airline attendant. The flight she was on had been canceled the previous day, and she was hopping on for a ride home. The mask was dangling around her chin for about 90 percent of the journey. We had a lively discussion about masks. As you may have guessed, she was not an advocate. She said they were unscientific and ignorant.

She stood out from the flight I took a couple of months ago when a male attendant stood and looked me in the eye. I turned around and the attendant told me in a loud voice, to “Get your mask up.” My mask was on and over my face. I pulled it on and he went off. “ARE WE GOING TO HAVE A PROBLEM?!” I wanted to avoid being sent to the gulag for airlines and pulled my mask across my nose. I was stared at for a couple of minutes before he left to look over the other prisoners. The man close to me stared at me as if I had avoided an arrow. There were other instances of MaskNazis on several flights I traveled on in the last year. I was repeatedly yelled at and scolded over mask positioning when eating. It was impossible to be off, it had to be “on” but below my mouth. It was just a bit of absurd theater. Heavens forbid that your costume is adorned with “Let's Go Brandon”. It will cause you to be kicked off flights.

A federal court judge on the right put an end to wearing masks on airplanes as well as in airports. The law was put in place because the CDC was god-like and (shockingly) it's not allowed in our Constitutional republic. It shouldn't come as a shock; but, Democrat legislators generally have poor knowledge of the way in which the Constitution operates, and many have taken to social media to show us how stupid they are. Here's an example from MSNBC's talking Melon Sam Stein, who had a “great” review.

She has been an Assistant US Attorney, worked for three Federal Judges, and was a clerk in the office of Justice Clarence Thomas. In addition, she's a law professor. However, Stein would like you to understand the most important things. She's 35. Imagine how Stein would react in the event that a judge appointed by Biden ruled in Biden's favor and Tucker Carlson opened his monologue with: “What does this woman know? She's 35.”

The mask mandate is now over. Judge Mizelle's ruling is founded on law and not on feelings, nonsense, or emotions. The federal government strayed beyond its boundaries and the federal judge put an end to the issue. That's how our system functions and is supposed to function. For all the people who are gnashing their teeth and clutching pearls there's nothing stopping you from wearing the Hazmat Class A uniform if you'd like. If you're afraid to travel with people who are not masked, there are cars.

I'm not sure what the MaskNazis who scolded me and thousands of others without masks are going to do. This was the most power they've ever had, but now that it's all gone, what are they going to do?

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