Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillon Updates WaPo’s Taylor Lorenz on Bee’s Relationship with LoTT

Much has been written about the Washington Post’s technology reporter Taylor Lorenz’s negative doxxing of the rightwing “Libs on TikTok” (LoTT) Twitter account. However, it appears that she was burned again and escorted to the washroom by Seth Dillon, CEO of the Babylon Bee satire site.

Lorenz claimed that she'd heard of the Bee possibly funding LoTT; however, she couldn't verify that and, therefore, didn't include it in her story. Seth Dillon clarified the Bee’s relationship with LoTT, bringing Lorenz into the bargain. “The Babylon Bee didn't do a deal with her,” Dillon stated. “The Bee is a satire publication. You know, like the Washington Post. I did a deal with her personally. Also, I want to thank you for amplifying the voices you try to suppress. Your promotion of @libsoftiktok today has been priceless.”

Many heard the bomb that he dropped on her explode. Is that funny or not? Though one could differ about the way the Washington Post is portrayed as an actual newspaper–albeit, a satirical one, similar to its counterpart, the Babylon Bee. WaPo is a mockery of a true news organization, with women in their 40s and older, such as Lorenz, pretending to be teenagers and publishing politically motivated pieces.

Dillon further stated that LoTT's following had not just risen dramatically on Twitter and Facebook, but her email lists had also increased by the thousands. Dillon had earlier stated that the arrangement he’d reached with LoTT will guarantee that she's able to carry out her mission on a full-time basis as part of her job. LoTT declared that the left will not be able to stop her from countering their attacks and that she will continue to work in spite of threats. Indeed, LoTT uploaded a video of Lorenz, in which she demonstrates how the hypocritical Lorenz harassed and doxxed political opponents.

This means that it's all been a complete failure for Lorenz, even as she attempts to sway the backlash and avoid being blamed. She couldn't have spread the word about the “Libs of TikTok” account more successfully had she tried, even though she has tried to appear to be the good “guy.” In the coming days, more light will be shed on the left's radical side. It's no wonder that they aren't happy about the idea.

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