Bold Los Angeles Gangs Take Advantage of Lax Democratic Crime Policies and Follow Wealthy Residents Home to Rob Them

It is clear that the Democrats have created a climate in California that is conducive to criminal activities. The campaign to cut off funding for police and restrict what police officers can do has led to people with wealth being targeted by thieves. The culprits are criminal gangs that have made an incredible comeback after President Joe Biden stepped into office.

Seventeen gangs from Los Angeles alone are involved in stealing from the wealthy. Each gang is composed of members who are dispatched to determine their targets. When a target is identified, the gangs go to their homes, take what they want from the people and leave them as victims. Police are aware of the issue but aren't able to take action now that Democrats have the upper hand.

The gangs have been stealing any valuable item they can get their hands on. They are targeting watches, handbags and any other item that can be transported to the black market and then sold to make profits. Buyers who purchase from the black market won't inquire about the source of the items. They'll pay the money and go away with items they don’t realize are stolen goods.

Police officers are doing everything they can to locate the perpetrators. Jonathan Tippet is the LAPD captain in charge of efforts to stop the crime wave. He has observed that the majority of the gangs implicated originate from South Los Angeles. The gangs aren't working together for an objective common to all. They are acting on their own, and selling their loot to the highest-paying customers on the streets of L.A. and beyond.

The gangs were responsible for more than 165 robberies in 2021. As of 2022, they have killed 56 people, and they have no intention of ending their robbing sprees. The gangs involved are some of the most violent on the streets of Los Angeles.

Police investigations have found that the Crips and the Bloods are actively involved in robbing individuals in their garages or driveways. Each robbery is meticulously orchestrated and can involve up to five vehicles. The cars follow the victims home, and there they attack them with violence and threats. Every victim is shocked and doesn't have time to react or contact the police.

A handful of suspects were identified and taken into custody. However, each has denied guilt and must wait in court.

Tippet told the media that “there's nothing to gain or chance for these people to adhere to. They're just running towards people and threatening them, whether it's by putting guns in their faces or beating them up with punches and beating on them. They're also whipping them with a pistol.”

A few of the thefts have turned deadly, while others have resulted in shootings during robberies. Gangs know how to strike their targets. They meticulously place their spotters in the vicinity and, when their chosen targets are found, they notify all other gang members to join the hunt.

The Police Commission president, William Briggs, said that “this system of criminal justice that is revolving which we currently have is clearly not functioning and is putting at risk the people in Los Angeles and is creating an emergency in public safety. We must come up with the solution.”

The members of these gangs are acting as pack hunters. They look like a pack of hungry wolves seeking their next dinner. The main group of attackers seeks out their targets and informs other attackers that the victims have arrived at the ideal locations to hunt them down.

President Joe Biden wants to create the same kind of America that is currently developing in California. The U.S. will become a country in which it is the norm to buy goods that aren't sold in retail stores.

Tippet along with his forces are securing as much that they possibly can. He has told the public that when police forces are fighting gangs, they will look for black-market sellers who are encouraging criminals to rob others by creating demand for goods on the streets of locales that are not part of those cities.

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