Candace Cameron-Bure’s New Executive-Level Job at GAC Could Make a Difference for America’s Family Entertainment

Candace Cameron-Bure is on a mission, and it's not the typical one for her profession. According to Newsweek, the Fuller House star has joined the GAC (Great American Country Media) network in a “prominent executive role” to develop high-quality family entertainment. Over the years, Candace has been quite the Hallmark Channel star. It appears that GAC may be competing against Hallmark head-to-head. The family reunion is directed by GAC Media's president and CEO, Bill Abbott. It's not a coincidence that Bill was previously the CEO of Hallmark Channel’s parent company, Crown Media Family Networks.

In the statement, Candace said she's psyched: “GAC fits my brand perfectly; we share a vision of creating compelling wholesome content for an audience who wants to watch programming for and with the whole family.”

In these times, Candace getting a new job has a very political edge. The idea that it is “family friendly” is a significant change. Companies such as Nickelodeon and Disney have taken significant stands on the subject of culture: “Disney Park Holds the Company's First-ever Gay Pride Celebration Officially,” “Nickelodeon Introduces the ‘Trans Teen Acting Challenge' in Order to Help Aspiring Transgender Children Become Actors,” “Culture Is a Big Deal for the Kiddos ‘Blue's Clues’ Reboot Teaches Children the Letter ‘P’ is ‘Awash with Pride',” “Disney Lops ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’; The Disney Company Bounces ‘Boys and Girls’ in the Name of Inclusion,” “Disney Believes that Tinker Bell and Captain Hook Are ‘Potentially Problematic',” “The Mouse Creates History: Disney Channel Features Its First Gay Couple of Teens.” 

Could this open up space for more traditional types of programming? Candace appears to be the perfect person to offer some. She, too, naturally has been a political figure; she was the View's primary conservative during episodes 19 and 20. She also did an outstanding job. She was adamant but never appeared unlikable.

In the simplest terms, she has a rare talent of uniting people. Maybe she'll come up with content that does similar things. Be prepared for statements of faith. Here's what she shared with US Weekly last June: “When it comes down to it, I just want [my children's significant others] to love Jesus the way I love Jesus.”

It's time to deconstruct families and children's matters. In the context of culture, the direction is being determined. GAC's decision seems to be clear. According to Newsweek, as Hallmark was expanding its programming offerings, Abbott took control of GAC with support from Hicks Equity Partners, a company with close ties to former President Donald Trump, the Republican National Committee and Trump’s family, with plans to develop “a family-friendly programming destination of broad appeal based on traditional values” (as per the New York Times). In a statement, Abbott said his mission was to “deliver on the promise of safe and entertaining storytelling.”

In the coming years, America will be treated to entertainment from someone who could have climbed Hollywood's R-rated ladder to acclaim yet chose instead to focus on the opposite path.

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