Tucker Carlson Exposes Taylor Lorenz and Employer WaPo for Biases, Revealing Shocking Information

Many of you will remember the time that Fox News host Tucker Carlson was the victim of some particularly juvenile tweets along with “reporting” from supposed “journalists” and monitors at the media hall back in March 2021 . He did not hesitate to criticize “technology reporter” Taylor Lorenz, who was then working as a reporter for the New York Times, over her attempt to have it both ways regarding the subject of online harassment of social-media users, which is apparently the job of Lorenz.

In reaction to Carlson disclosing inconvenient truths, the Usual Suspects, including the NYT, immediately reacted in a scathing attack against him for “misogyny” and then trotted out absurd “words are violence” arguments to defend themselves while they, too, were exposed to criticism.

It's one year later, and you'll find Lorenz now employed by the Washington Post and facing backlash yet again for her abuse of the right-wing “Libs of Tik Tok” (LoTT) Twitter account, just a couple of months after she was teary-eyed during an MSNBC interview in which she lamented the online harassment she claims she's suffered. Carlson understandably had thoughts that he wanted to share about Lorenz as well as her employer and also the “former Twitter employee” (per Carlson), who, according to the WaPo, was instrumental in helping “expose” the person behind LoTT.

In a long segment, Carlson first highlighted several TikTok clips that the LoTT account has shared on Twitter in the past. They were examples of the radical left-wing messages they’ve tried to use to educate people, specifically “woke” educators in public schools who have been disseminating their indoctrination methods on the popular platform. Carlson was also aware of how loved the site, owned by a private individual, was becoming. In light of this, Carlson correctly noted that Twitter was at times able to punish LoTT by suspending the account or turning it off, before the WaPo initiated a process to try to sanction or terminate them for the apparent offense of letting “bat-crap” maniacs on the left represent themselves.

Carlson also hit out at Lorenz herself, saying she was not an actual reporter but rather a person employed to do Jeff Bezos's bidding by attacking conservatives who are successful in getting their messages out and influencing change; that's the exact thing LoTT did when it shared its videos, some of which were viewed by people in Florida. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' administration is behind the state's Parental Rights in Education law, which the left and its media allies have been screaming over for the past few months.

However, Carlson's monologue took on an unsettling turn when he aimed the spotlight more brightly at Travis Brown, the software developer whom the Washington Post has described as someone “who is working on a project with support from Prototype Fund, an organization that backs open-source projects.” In addition, according to WaPo, Brown “unearthed [LoTT's] Twitter history and posted a thread detailing information about its profile changes.”

What exactly is this Prototype Fund, you may ask? It's funded by the German federal government's “Federal Ministry of Education,” as Carlson stated in his commentaries that prompted additional questions from journalists about how the German government is funding an individual American citizen and whether it was true that Lorenz had become a foreign agent.

Carlson also talked to the person who created the LoTT account.

This being said, it's a good thing that LoTT will leave this situation smelling like a rose, thanks to the generous staff of the Babylon Bee, whose CEO posted on Twitter that he's “worked out a deal with [LoTT] that will turn her heroic, high-risk work into a career.” That's what #winning is like.

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