Twitter’s Jack Dorsey Calls CNN Out for Its Fake News

An interesting development is taking place with the former Twitter chief Jack Dorsey. It appears that following Elon Musk's (Tesla’s CEO) plans to buy Twitter and his own impending departure from the Twitter board, Dorsey is now letting go of his criticisms not only in the Twitter boardroom but also in the media, too, including CNN.

Jack, who snitched on Twitter's board–just like Elon Musk, said that the board's partisan maneuvers have “consistently been the dysfunction of the company,” and the board wasn't going to be thrilled when he made his comments. Dorsey also took aim at CNN for their criticism of Fox News’ Tucker Carlson. However, it went beyond that. It ended with Jack criticizing CNN's integrity and asserting that they were encouraging conflict to create news. In a statement, he said that he did not defend Carlson; however, he did say he was “holding up a mirror” to CNN.

Do we really need to say “fake news”? That's because he accused them of it, saying that he was a personal witness to it. This wasn't just a fabricated story and “putting it out there” to document his “conflict.”

It’s hard to know what's going on with Jack and to believe him, after the suppression of truth under his leadership–such as his involvement in the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. However, it does sound as if he's not in line with the Democratic narrative at the moment and is willing to denounce several issues on the way out the back door of the Twitter board. Naturally, the man was aware of liberal bias but didn't restrict the abusers’ use of Twitter, as conservative-leaning users were suspended and banned for the alleged spread of false information. It would be interesting to see what else he will be willing to reveal and to whom else he's willing to give a cent.

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