Washington Post’s Efforts to Protect Tech Reporter Taylor Lorenz Dig a Deeper Hole

It's been quite a time for social-media users as battle lines have been drawn among conservatives and other independent thinkers and elitist, cancel-culture Liberals and their narrow-minded friends from the mainstream press in response to Washington Post’s “technology reporter,” Taylor Lorenz, slamming the popular right-leaning “Libs of Tik Tok” (LoTT) Twitter account.

Those who support LoTT noted that only recently Lorenz herself was interviewed by MSNBC, giving a tear-jerking “interview” in which she said she was suffering from “severe PTSD” and had considered suicide because of the online harassment she claims she's been subjected to as a result of her work–the abuse of users of social media. Some of them write anonymously for fear of reprisals from their opponents and/or employers.

While Lorenz was making herself feel good and retweeting fake “journalists” who are, incredulously, defending her latest effort to cancel the speech of someone she doesn't like, the Washington Post crafted a statement in support of Lorenz in response to the justified anger that erupted from the scathing piece, one that cited the liberal hacks of Media Matters and the ACLU as reliable sources.

In the article, they made a variety of assertions in defense of Lorenz's “reporting” that don't pass the sniff test. Washington Post’s managing editor, Cameron Barr, wrote: “Taylor Lorenz is an accomplished and diligent journalist whose reporting methods comport entirely with the Washington Post's professional standards. Chaya Raichik, in her management of the Libs of TikTok Twitter account and in media interviews, has had a significant impact on public discourse and her identity has become public knowledge on social media. We did not publish or link to any details about her personal life.”

As NewsBusters media editor, Bill D'Agostino, astutely pointed out, in reality, Barr's comments did not come as a surprise. They included a myriad of lies: What was the extent of the lies in WaPo’s statement? WaPo is assuming that its critics will not notice.

Happily, LoTT will emerge from this stronger, better and more powerful, thanks to the kind staff at the Babylon Bee, but this shouldn't mean that the WaPo can get off free of its guilt. Anyone who doesn't want to allow them to get away with what they did ought to feel free to send an email using one of the editor's email addresses and (respectfully and with a firm hand) inform them of how they feel.

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