AOC’s Earth Day Speech Stresses the Importance of the U.S. Defense Strategy Being Climate-Based

It's official. The Left's “Defund the Police” movement has become a massive dumpster fire. But the Left's loony hood decoration, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), who is said to have no idea about anything, has the latest boogeyman in her arsenal: “militarily and defense based” U.S. foreign policy.

In a nutshell, according to AOC during her long-awaited Earth Day speech, we must take a serious look at our foreign policies and make changes so that they will not only be defense and military focused but also based on climate protection and diplomatically based. This is where we'll need to push. And we must push within a domestic sphere as well as an international one.

How can this be conveyed in a manner that is respectful? What an ignorant, inexperienced, total crock of nonsense. Ocasio-Cortez knows zero about U.S. foreign policy, let alone diplomatic foreign policy.

AOC is a radical-left, one-trick pony, who is hopelessly addicted to “the existential threat to mankind,” global-warming hysteria and who is incapable of objectivity and refraining from viewing everything on the planet through her climate-change-tainted glasses. Too often she displays her complete ignorance of nearly all issues that cross her absurd transom, not to mention the ones she comes up with using fairy dust.

Speaking of ignorantly uninformed Democrats, our pandering president, Joe Biden, declared (mumbled, actually) on Earth Day in the People's Republic of Seattle no less: “Every car… all vehicles… within the U.S. Military… will be climate-friendly. I'm talking about it. We're paying billions to achieve this.”

(No word on who called this time. Was it Xi or Putin? To make fun of their a**es Biden as well as the U.S.)

The absurdity of this kind of nonsense from people such as AOC, Joe Biden, John Kerry, and all climate alarmists was once hilarious. But it isn't funny any more.

The radical Left poses a serious and potentially fatal threat. Should they prevail, they will have the majority of the vote in Congress and an irritable president who throws down the paper from which he has just read in front of him, then flits around to television cameras and stumbles over an assistant’s words, frequently the subject of news because of how erroneous his scripts are or the nonsense that he spouts.

Assuming that the Republicans are able to show House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats their backs during the midterms by gaining control of the House and have a good chance of winning the Senate, the crucial importance of 2024 and control over the White House will loom ever larger.

Let's ensure that this dysfunctional political party does not steal the jaws of victory once again.

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