Is a Trump White House in 2024 Inevitable?

If we conducted an instant poll on social media, and asked: In the event that Donald Trump runs for president in 2024 (it's impossible to imagine at this point that he won’t) Will he be able to win his way back to the White House? The responses could vary between “Hell yes” to “Hell no” — and include many other options and plenty of heated debate.

Favorability ratings, head-to head projections, and other projection techniques are dependent on current data and sentiment. However, the numbers may change at any time as events or new developments occur, but Trump bests Biden in nearly every poll.

It's difficult to imagine that changing.

RealClearPolitics averages, at the time of writing, reveal Biden with a -9.1 percent margin of error, a score at 42.6 percent favorable and 51.7 percent unfavorable. Trump has a rating of -3.5 with 45.8 percent favorable and 49.3 percent unfavorable. Also, Kamala Harris is a total failure with -11.8 percent: 39.2 percent favorable, 50.8 percent unfavorable.

Again, the numbers of polls fluctuate regularly, but we still discern a pattern. The meaning of this pattern couldn't be more clear: Joe Biden has been an unfavorable president of catastrophic dimensions since the first day of his time in the Oval Office, on issue after issue, almost intentionally. (See: Biden Border Crisis, Biden Oil Crisis, Biden Afghanistan Debacle, Bidenomics, Bidenflation.)

As my colleague Nick Arama reported on Tax Day last week (of all days), when even CNN says it's “really, really, really, bad” for Biden? It's very, really terrible for the most unpopular president in recent history, and he is certainly not the greatest president of all time. As Nick wrote in his article:

Donald Trump had an average job approval rating of 42 percent at the beginning of his presidency. That's despite constantly being under media pressure, which can skew the numbers. However, Joe Biden who has been receiving mostly positive attention from liberal media, certainly nothing in comparison to the smears that were made against Trump — is in a lower position -having 41 percent.

From the middle of September 2021, months into the Biden presidency according to The Atlantic, nervous top Democrats began to discuss his failings and his lack of success. As bills stalled in Congress,the majority of Democrats were already beginning to discredit Biden the same “grace” they showered on Barack Obama, and the ever-confused Mumbles Joe was having a hard time keeping his course.

The situation has gradually (pun intended) increased as the months have passed — and further complicated by the 79-year old president's steady decrease in mental acuity.

The bottom line is that I believe that if nervous as hell Democrat lawmakers could have a magical wand then they would make Biden and Harris disappear — at the very least, from the presidential race in 2024. Furthermore, I can't think of a reason to believe that there aren't discussions of this kind within the upper echelons within the Democrat Party. My opinion, of course.

What do you think of Donald Trump?

As I mentioned at the top of this post, anyone who isn't just a casual observer would be shocked if Trump, in the next month or two, declared, “Nah, I'm no longer interested; I'm out.” Stranger things have transpired; however, it would be a huge shake-up.

After 15 months out of the presidency, Trump remains the kingmaker of the Republican Party. There are still pilgrimages to Mar-a-Lago regularly to try and win his endorsement. The Trumpalooza crowds appear to be as massive and loud as they have been for years. Most importantly, his supporters are fervently seeking a fight against Biden to bring back the order that is rightfully ours.

If Biden runs — which will be a disaster for Biden and the Democrat Party of incalculable proportions, I don't imagine how Trump isn’t going to win. 2024, as in this scenario, is the same as 2016 , and even 2020. In 2016 there were millions of votes that came from “Not Hillary,” while an untold number of 2020 votes were “Not Trump.”

Although some members of some of the Republican Party tend to be out of the loop on this idea, it's a fact, particularly for people who are not registered voters. But I cannot think of tens of millions of angry and depressed people, including an overwhelming number of similar-minded Democrats, choosing Biden again.

So, back to Trump.

As reported by Just the News, Trump is more likely to score higher in jobs approval ratings than unfavorable ratings.

While the latter is more focused on personal emotions, the former is more focused on the subject's performance as a president. In the time that Trump was in the White House, consistent polling indicated that people were happy with his presidency more than they were of his character. Add Biden's shoddy job performance and Trump appears unstoppable.

However, what happens if neither Biden or Cackles Kamala are on the Democrat ticket in 2024? Will “Teflon Don” still be unstoppable?

In the event that Trump is running in the primaries, I don't think Ron DeSantis or any other serious contender will be in the race. I think “they” would sit this one out, and then wait until 2028 or 2032 before making a decision to enter the race.

Who will win? Who can accurately predict the outcome of a race against a “yet-to-be-announced Democrat nominee not named Joe Biden or Kamala Harris”? I'm not able to do it, nor is anyone else. From a practical standpoint, that's it.

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