Removing the Disguise, Prominent Never Trumper Officially Joins Democrats

It's always interesting to see how many of the Never Trump people reveal themselves and how they tend to put themselves in the wrong.

When you consider an array of individuals such as The Lincoln Project, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (RINO-IL), Rep. Liz Cheney (RINO-WY) and Rep. Mitt Romney (RINO-UT), you know it's going to be a constant display of hypocrisy. One of the most entertaining aspects is the way they present themselves as “true conservatives.” But, they join Democrats who do everything they can to push us to the left, which actually is helping the agenda of Republicans. If you're a Republican and are aiding the Democratic agenda, this is a clue that you're truly a Democrat.

We've just seen a shining illustration of this hypocrisy in the latest announcement by Evan McMullin, the Never Trumper who ran as an “independent” for president in 2016. It was an illogical and absurd attempt to steal votes away from Trump. How did that go? Not so well. Then, the “independent” voted for Joe Biden in 2020, who has gone on to govern more radically than any other politician in office.

At present, McMullin is running as an “independent” for the Senate in Utah against Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). However, the Democrats have announced that they will be dropping a Democratic candidate and have formed the “coalition” to support McMullin.

The anti-Trumpers as well as Democrats are in a rage over this decision.

The problem is that, naturally as with many other subjects, they're reading it entirely wrong.

Utah is an extremely red state. If he wanted to convince conservatives that he’s a “true conservative,” he simply threw it in the trash by hopping in with the Democrats in an extremely public manner. Of course, his vote in support of Biden and his behavior already showed that he was in their camp; however, now he has officially lifted the veil. What's the reason any Republican within the State of Utah voted for Biden? On top of that, if he's proclaiming that he's “conservative,” why would anyone one of those Democrats within the State support him? They're not likely to support his candidacy in the same way they would an incumbent Democratic candidate. There are already a lot of them being hesitant about this move and claiming that it's not a good idea to trust him. Yes, we agree.

For a long time, Utah had a great senator in Orrin Hatch, who just passed away today. However, he got replaced with Romney. Therefore, it's crucial not to lose that seat. It appears that McMullin may have gotten himself in the way with this move to officially register with the Democrats. There was no one who ever said that McMullin was a genius. However, he is likely to enjoy losing..

Bravo, you're doing a great job, McMullin!

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