Trump Berates Biden During Ohio Rally, and Will Certainly be ‘Fact-Checked’

Donald Trump held a rally in Delaware, OH, on Saturday night, spurred by his recent support for J.D. Vance in the state's upcoming GOP Senate primary. However, while Vance should have technically been “the man” of the moment, the Former president proved to be the main draw with his greatest hits, while also making some humorous remarks about Joe Biden.

One of the most memorable moments included a reference to the Easter Bunny, while rounding out a powerful review on what the Biden administration has done to the nation. 

If we lived in a more normal time, one would think that Trump was just playing a joke. It's not like there's any way that the current president tried to shake hands with the air and then was herded like a cow by the Easter Bunny in an attempt to keep him away from journalists, is it? We don't live in rational times and both of those events did happen. Biden is writing Trump's material.

You can still bet that these statements will eventually be “fact-checked” in another weak attempt to shield Biden, the present White House resident. Actually, Politifact has already done the job, claiming that Biden had been “pointing at the audience behind him with his whole hand.” Because that’s something people do. 

Every person reading this article is encouraged to watch the video and then come to their own conclusions. What I can say is that Politifact doesn't have any specific information about the things Biden was thinking or doing during the moment. Instead, they're reaching a conclusion that is in line with their narrative and is based on the exact same level of speculation of those who witnessed Biden shake hands with the air.

But I digress. Returning to the Trump rally and the President's speech, he also shared an incident that I believe is one of the most memorable aspects of his presidency.

Trump describes the meeting he held in the presence of the Mexican president prior to his administration hammering out the “Remain in Mexico” agreement, which Biden is now seeking to sabotage (with devastating, fatal consequences). In typical Trump humor, he railed about the meeting, noting that the Mexican president was not cooperative initially, especially regarding the possibility of deploying Mexican forces to assist. In the end, Mexico caved, allowed the “Remain in Mexico,” agreement to take effect, and did send troops. According to Trump this was following his threat of crippling tariffs.

What makes this story so important? It's not how the average, careerist employees of the State Department normally operate, and Biden's rise to the top of the ladder has led to the return of normalcy and complacency. Think about how this worked out? Would you rather Trump's hard-nosed manner to the current administration that is breaking records for illegal immigration crossings? This seems like a simple choice.

However, it's not the choice that is being made and the country will be left with Biden and his utterly absurd policies for the next three years. When you put it this way, it's certainly depressing.

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