UCLA Stocking Free Tampons in All Bathrooms, Even for Males Who Don’t Need Them

There are certain things that you would expect to find inside women's restrooms…and other things you'll be able to see in men's bathrooms. But people from the LGBTQ+ community have decided they'd like to change things to something entirely different. They would like to accommodate all.

Let's make it clear. While many would like to make it appear that they can, the only ones who can menstruate are biological females, not transgender “women” who were once considered males but who now “identify” as women. They prefer to pretend they are menstruating each month, as it makes them more like the gender they choose to be.

Transgender males are “men” who used to be women but today “identify” as men. A majority of them aren't experiencing the transition to its maximum extent and therefore are still menstruating. 

The people struggling with these issues represent less than one percent of those living in the United States. However, this isn't going to hinder California or, more specifically, UCLA (University of California, Los Angeles), from catering to the transgender community. They've been catering to transgender minority groups for a while, so why should they stop now?

Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that would require public schools and colleges to offer menstrual products for free. UCLA has done more than just provide menstrual products in its bathrooms on campus prior to the 2022-2023 school year. The school newspaper, Daily Bruin, reported, “As the first institution within the University of California system to offer free menstrual products to women, UCLA is stocking them in greater than half of the bathrooms–more than the number suggested in the legislation.” The paper continued by explaining that “the university is providing these products in men's, women's and gender-neutral restrooms.”

Are you confused? So the UCLA's student body, which is liberal, believes that they're doing their campus a favor by providing products for menstrual cycles. For all those women who are biologically so, this is a great thing. It's a way to ensure that needed products are easily available at a point when budgets can do without any sort of additional expense.

The transgender male is likely to use the gender-neutral restroom. This means that the typical man who is using a male's bathroom is biologically male. Incorporating tampons and pads in the bathroom isn't going to offer any real benefits. They might put them in their pockets to bring home to their partners. They could even throw several tampons on their fraternity friends. However, adding them to bathroom stock is an unnecessary expense and will only complicate the gender issue more than it has already been misunderstood.

The primary reason behind Newsom’s adopting the bill was to ensure that students at public schools would be provided with free menstrual products. They're for people with low incomes who aren't able to care for their middle- or high-school children as puberty comes around.

The students at UCLA are mainly adults. They live alone, study at the university and are well-equipped to take good care of their menstrual products. It's not necessary to shame the biological males by putting the tampons in a basket next to the sink. They'll be confused, causing them to rush back outside to read the sign on the door. In the end, if males are using the bathroom that is exclusively for males, they shouldn't require products that are only beneficial if they possess a female uterus.

It raises the issue of what's being taught at UCLA. One student who goes by the name of Tayloneei Jackson stated that “it was important to ensure the university would prioritize inclusiveness and supply all bathrooms, including men's.” The student is a fourth-year Human Biology and Society student. Biology classes should be teaching students that a bathroom for men doesn't require toilet paper.

A student further explained that “individuals who do not identify as female can also menstruate and need access to these products in their respective bathrooms.”

And there you have it: The complete fall of common sense and society in general.

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