Farmers Struggle to Get Their Goods to Buyers

It is said that the American farmers are who the entire world relies on to provide food. All over the world, we enjoy the fresh food they grow every year. However, the current global leadership system has been a major blow to farmers by denying them the right to transport their goods around the world. Joe Biden is the central cog in an extensive line of leaders who have done a disservice to farmers.

The supply chain chaos that Joe Biden has created has resulted in a variety of problems for consumers. However, the only problem that isn't mentioned in the media is on the other end of the chain: the farmers face the exact opposite problem of not being able transport their goods to buyers.

Biden has made a slow moving supply chain because he has not allowed ships to be quickly removed and returned with American grown goods. The ships are brought to ports, but are left in the water for several weeks at a time. Once they're unloaded, they must wait another week to be loaded again for a return trip with cargo going in the other direction.

Biden, along with other Democrats, aren't allowing the seamless flow of merchandise. Products are sitting in cargo containers , waiting to be taken off and delivered to buyers. The farmers must wait longer to load their goods into containers that are then loaded onto ships for transport to buyers around the world.

Scott Phippen is an almond cultivator who still has some products from previous years which he isn't capable of moving. The reason for his abundance of stock is not because of an absence of interest from consumers. The reason for his abundance of supplies is due to the fact that he can't get the product delivered to his customers. There are no containers or ships ready to be shipped to Asia to transport the product.

Phippen has said the following: “My Warehouses have already begun bursting with a flurry of interest. It's a bit scary for me, because within five months, I'll be able to get my next crop to market. There's no timeouts in farming. The almonds don't have value at the store,” he said. “They are worth a lot of money in Dubai.” He'll need to make a decision on which option to use for the new crop in the near future, since he doesn't have the space to store the additional product. Customers will not be charged an amount for the crop until they are able to load it onto the ship.

Joe Biden refuses to acknowledge the existence of an issue with the supply chain. Biden keeps telling the public that it's directly related to getting items to stores so that customers can purchase them. However, the issue extends to the root of the problem and their lack of ability to ship goods since Biden's collection of container ships has filled each port across America.

Newsbreak published that “The dismay of farmers who export their products is the latest chapter in the Great Supply Chain Disruption, the chaotic reorganization of international trade and transport with the most deadly pandemic in the last century. The central point of the issue is the ship container, the steel container which revolutionized commerce, allowing massive amounts in goods and services to be transported across the globe.”

The main issue farmers are facing is the fact that Biden allows the shipment from empty containers back into Asia and does not fill them with American-made items. Biden allows foreign countries to not be supplied with American products because he would like to harm the country by any means his sadistic thoughts can imagine.

The role of the government is to ensure that the channels for trade are fair and open to everyone. However, Joe Biden has strangled trade lines and shipping routes to the point where farmers are unable to get their products to the buyers. In the end, buyers will seek out other products leaving the American farmer with no market to sell their goods.

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