In the Georgia Primary Gubernatorial Debate, Kemp lets Purdue Flounder

It was December last year when former Senator David Perdue (R-Georgia) said he was considering entering the race to challenge incumbent Georgia Republican Governor, Brian Kemp. As my colleague Bonchie stated clearly the following month, the headline read: “David Perdue Files to Run in Georgia Again Because Republicans Never Learn.”

He was not kidding. Kemp and Perdue took on each other at the beginning of the three GOP primaries on Sunday evening. Perdue's performance in the debate against Kemp is sure to leave everyone wondering why he opted out of a debate with Jon Ossoff when running in 2021 to keep the Senate seat during the runoff elections. Let's say it wasn't because he felt confident about his chances of winning on May 24.

All you have to do is watch the two videos from 90 minutes of the fight to understand the details. The first clip begins with a query to Perdue and the moderator requesting him to submit “factual evidence that there was voter fraud.” Perdue takes over one minute describing what he believes to be fraud in both the 2021 and 2020 elections and in both instances he slams governors and their staff for failing to act.

Then Perdue concludes by saying:

“He's not just attempted to hide [evidence] but also to cover up the evidence and blame those who tried to expose the truth and expose the truth.


He claimed that it was a pure election. He says he is not aware of anything that occurred.”

Kemp replies: “I have never said that, ever.” Perdue cut him off by asking him whether he would deny saying it, Then he implies that Kemp “thinks Joe Ossoff and Joe Biden won fair and square.”

Kemp's response is firm and begins around the 2 minute mark in his video. Kemp not only criticizes his opponent for mischaracterizing his remarks, but also checked off his actions as an ex- Georgia Secretary of State, as well as Governor, to stop the actual voter fraud that is going through the system. He specifically cites one of the main leftist victories during the pandemic, the ballot drop boxes that he claimed were “approved by the State Board of Elections.”

Kemp is then pointing out Perdue's refusal to sign onto a lawsuit for contesting the special election immediately following his Senate defeat. Kemp turns his weak defense towards Perdue.

There's one thing that every adviser tells candidates to do when they close — no matter what else you add, present your case for the voters. This is why the voters choose you, not the other one. In his comments,Perdue does not do this at any time. The whole thing is a tirade against Kemp’s supposed misdeeds during the 2020 presidential election. Seriously? I'm sure that voters were aware of this during the campaign and throughout the debate. It was a complete collapse by Perdue and his team must be aware of that.

If you're unable to explain to people why you should be elected, then you should never put your hand in at all.

In stark contrast, this is what Kemp performs (starting at 1:06; below). Be sure to listen to the last of the three phrases he uses when he speaks about Democrat Stacey Abrams. It's an incredibly powerful phrase.

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