Proving that Culture is Queen, Pelosi Makes Celebrity Appearance on Drag Show

If you’ve found yourself waiting for  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to join a drag show, get ready for this delicious news.

She may not be a man in drag, however, she's a suitable alternative.

According to The Hill, the legislative lady is set to have a big moment to look forward to:

Pelosi is scheduled to make a “special appearance” on the next Season of RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars, Paramount+ announced Friday. The new season of the drag competition debuts on May 20th on the streaming network . It will follow the previous winners who battle it out to win an honorary title “Queen of All Queens” and win a cash prize of $200,000.

It's not her first Ru-deo appearance; she appeared during the evening show back in 2018.

At that moment she praised the show's “pride.”

A time when it was considered a sin that could be fatal, self-love is now everywhere. It's even gotten into the Christian church. At Duke University's Divinity School, Divinity Pride led a special prayer.

If you think an edgy, proud Pelosi is but a dream, put your hands in your pockets and keep your remotes in your hands.

It's not clear if Nancy will walk the catwalk.

If she's successful in Hollywood, she will have truly made it.

Alongside Pelosi, the list of guest judges from the world of celebrities includes: Cameron Diaz, journalist Ronan Farrow, Ben Platt, Fashion creator Betsey Johnson, Tove Lo, as well as Nikki Glaser among others.

In a video that promotes Season X, the Speaker becomes very religious “Can I get an amen? “

Here are some other instances where Drag Queens have been center stage:

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Public University Spends Student Activity Charges for a $11,000 Drag Show

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United Methodist Church Holds Drag Show to Protest Same-Sex-Marriage Ban

French Teacher Helps Make ‘Fine Arts Week' Amazing by Performing on Stage in Drag

Church Hosts “Pride” Drag Show

The government is also on board:

Nevada Air Force Base Hosts Drag Show, and It's A Part of a Softer, Gentler Military

In light of that fact, and also with Nancy being filmed with RuPaul and his crew, could there be a  possibility of a drag event eventually being staged on the Capitol?

I'd suggest there's an incredibly good chance. Since the beginning, the political arena has reached an entirely new level of piety:

In 2004, Pelosi told The Hollywood Reporter the lessons that politicians can learn about drag queens

“Authenticity. Taking pride in who you are. Knowing your power — that's what I talk about on my brief segment on the show. This idea of people believing in themselves, being themselves, taking pride in themselves, is not just a lesson for politicians but for everyone in the country. And that's why I was so excited and couldn't resist being on the show.”

This sounds great. After nearly two and a half years of locking down, mask mandates, and vaccination mandates, if politicians would only understand their powers, perhaps they'd be able to really throw their weight around.

For authenticity, let's hope that the 82-year-old woman soaks up the lesson like a sponge. She will be able to show it to all of Washington upon her return.

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