The Oil Pipeline to Germany Could be At Risk as Fires Destroy Russian Tank Farms

On Monday, early in the morning (local time), two explosions shook two tank farms that produce oil within Bryansk, Russia. Bryansk is located approximately 250 miles north of the Ukrainian capital of Kiev, located less than 70 miles from the Ukrainian border.

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Below are my opinions:

In the last week, we've witnessed unprovoked fires at three important factories in Russia within only 2 days (read Bad Luck Strikes Russia Three Fires Major in Two Days Hurt Defense as well as Private Industry).

The month before, Ukraine carried out two strikes on Russian territory. The strikes targeted an ammunition storage facility and the fuel storage depot (see Ukraine Attacks Fuel Depot miles inside Russia – or Did it? ).

The tanks which are currently burning would aid the ongoing Russian “special operations” in Eastern Ukraine.

A single tank farm caught on fire is reckless, but two flames bursting up is quite exaggerated. Two tanks, separated geographically and moving to Zippo in the same night is a challenge to the law of probabilities.

If you remember the first stories about the explosion and fire that ravaged an oil pipeline that was heading to Germany, the whole thing is now getting way more fascinating.

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