Florida Governor DeSantis Highlights the Trouble Caused by Residents Moving from “Dumpster Fire” San Francisco to Red States

One of the main reasons Republicans and independents are drawn to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is his propensity to speak truthfully and state exactly what his thoughts are in simple, everyday words with no sugar added to make his message more appealing.

DeSantis's recent remarks about San Francisco provide a perfect illustration. In conversation with his supporters on Monday morning, the adored governor raised his concerns that the arrival of new Florida inhabitants from Democratic states might alter the demographics of this Sunshine State. According to The Washington Examiner, DeSantis stated to the crowd that Florida has seen a larger increase in Republican voters compared to Democrat voters. “There's reason to be worried as a result of the fact that the situation, like Texas, will have many companies relocate from California [as they have done] in the past. Thus, you'd see companies relocate [from] San Francisco to Austin, and they'd bring hundreds of their employees along with them. And they'd vote in exactly the same way as they did, which turned San Francisco into the dumpster fire it has become. It's the same with leftism that they don't make the link between their leftist beliefs and the devastation that's around them, so this is a problem since I think there's a group of voters who will visit Florida and remain in the same way.”

If there's a more powerful clip that Republicans should use in their advertisements for their campaigns across America to encourage people to vote in the midterm elections, it’s not apparent.  The 38-second clip is effective in highlighting the importance of the rise in extreme left-wing ideology that is spreading across the nation.

According to The Examiner, DeSantis's mention of Austin specifically was certainly referring to Elon Musk's relocation of Tesla's main office from Palo Alto to Austin last year. After Musk's $44-billion offer to buy Twitter was accepted by the board of directors of the social-media giant, there is speculation about whether he will be able to relocate the company's San Francisco headquarters to Austin and vice versa. How much fun would it be watching left-wingers sink themselves in deeper swimming pools of blubbering ooze?

DeSantis also expressed his support for the increasing number of Republicans who are continuing to migrate to Florida. He praised the fact that Florida is home to a number of Republican “significants.” “I've seen more Republicans relocate to Florida, more than Democrats mak[ing] the move to Florida, which means this is pretty significant. I believe that what this is telling [me is] that citizens are extremely sensitive to the government of the state they reside under. I believe that COVID has opened many people's eyes since it was clear that the governor you had made the difference in your child even having the opportunity to go to school.”

The bottom line is: Amen, Governor. Consider the dire situation of conservatives within California in the era of Gavin Newsom. And then there are the Oregonians facing Kate Brown, not to mention Michiganders having to put up with the insanity from Gretchen Whitmer. And with the state of New York's Kathy Hochul, the governor in default following Andrew Cuomo's scheming eventually caught up with him, New Yorkers may suffer the most.

If Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott have shown us something, it's that refusing to accept radical leftism–not just against liberals in their states but also against the calamity within the Oval Office–will yield enormous dividends.

Not just for DeSantis and Abbott but also, and most importantly, for the great folks in Florida and Texas.

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