New Video Shows Alec Baldwin Practicing on Rust Set With Finger on Trigger

A few new videos have been released regarding the Rust film set, and some of them don't look very good, especially for actor Alec Baldwin. The release follows a decision by the New Mexico Occupational Health and Safety Bureau that imposed on Rust Movie Productions Ltd the maximum amount of $139,793 for serious safety violations that took place on the set. Baldwin's lawyer claimed the report exonerated him; however, as explained in analyses of the report, the criminal probe remains in progress.

The video released by the officers investigating the incident shows how they arrived on the set and began gathering information about the shooting. The video includes Alec Baldwin being questioned at the police station and Joel Souza, the film's director, being interrogated in the hospital.

Souza claims that the armorer gave Baldwin his gun; however, all other witnesses have confirmed that the gun was handed to Dave Halls, the assistant director. It's unclear why Souza claims that; however, he was shot, and he might not be fully aware of the details.

The most intriguing video is the one that shows Baldwin sitting in a room at the police station, talking on a phone. One tip to offer an attorney for those who are in the same situation: Do not speak on the phone as the police leave the room if you don't want them to listen to what you have to say. Because they take notes about private conversations, even between a husband and his wife.

It’s interesting that they made this particular video public as they didn't have to right now. It appears they learned more from that conversation. The video was cut, meaning there could be more to it. Are they trying to convince him to be aware that they've got him?

There are additional videos, one posted by the LA Times. There's a video of an interview with armorer Hannah Guttierez-Reed, who is angry that this has ruined her promising career.

From the NY Post: “But the investigators have confirmed that they're investigating ‘concerning’ evidence that the rookie armorer was looking for live ammunition, like this bullet, which ended up inside Baldwin's pistol in the course of another production.”

Prop vendor Seth Kenney had shown investigators texts from Gutierrez-Reed making the request, and he claimed the request was rejected. The footage of the interview was shown. “She wanted to shoot live ammo out of the guns, the TV/ movie guns. And I said no effing way, obviously,” the man said. Gutierrez-Reed later sued Kenney and blamed him for shooting the live round.

One of the most frightful videos was of Alec Baldwin practicing the same move he was reported to have made during the shooting of Halyna Hutchins. The video was shot during a practice session on the same day. In it, you can see his finger on the trigger. If he did exactly the same thing as when he shot Hutchins–or the spot where his finger was matched–this would be a reason to believe quite a few details that would be problematic and unfavorable for Baldwin. It's not known if this video was taken right before the shooting. Baldwin has said that he didn't pull the trigger.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Adan Mendoza announced that the investigation was ongoing. “There was information from text messages that was concerning based on the fact that live ammo was spoken about and was possibly used on a prior movie set,” the source said on the Today show. “That was just a few months before the ‘Rust' movie set and production began, so that is concerning.”

As of yet, no one has been arrested for the shooting, though Mendoza stated that it's “too early to rule anything out… I don't think anybody's off the hook when it comes to criminal charges.”

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