Suspicious Associates of Joe Biden and Son Hunter Causing Growing Alarm

The more information that comes out about Hunter Biden, his laptop and his shady business dealings around the world due to his famous family name and the ways he has used that influence to achieve his goals, the greater the issues that President Joe Biden needs to tackle. That is why he's having to reconsider his associations with those whom the American public may not feel comfortable. Naturally, these suspicious links can cause a major gap to develop between the president and his supporters as the majority of voters are paying close attention to the issue.

Pete Schweizer is the author of the book Red Handed, and he's having a hard time in his analysis of the secrecy level surrounding those who have met Sleepy Joe and Hunter Biden. He believes this could be “hugely important”. Sunday Morning Futures had a meeting with conservative columnist Miranda Devine to discuss this and also the visits by Chinese officials. “It's very clear, I mean, there were, in the laptop and in the other email collections we have from Bevin Cooney and others, I believe Miranda has that collection as well, instances where Chinese officials–this includes CCP officials and businessmen–came to the White House in 2011, and they appear in the White House visitor's logs meeting with certain officials.”

These kinds of secret meetings and keeping the American people from being informed isn't the best thing for the president and his son to do. The American people are demanding accountability, and because Joe has to keep his life in a constant state of interdependence with Hunter, this means that Hunter is included in this process, too. This doesn't mean the guy doesn't do bad things, but Dad is willing to risk everything to ensure that his dear Hunter remains out of trouble, and his gravy train continues moving.

Schweizer continued to elaborate that this was before the beginning of Biden’s presidency. “There's not any mention of conversation[s] with Vice-President Joe Biden, but if you look through their accounts on social media pages and their website statements, they state that they did, actually, have a meeting [with] Vice-President Joe Biden at that time as well. When you look back, you will find the gathering which was recorded on the official White House visitors log in one room, and Joe Biden's offices were located next to it. For me, this is very troubling; the reason is that it suggests…that they're trying [to] cover up the identities of who Joe Biden is actually meeting with, and there are numerous examples Miranda has provided that come from Ukraine as well as Kazakhstan.”

This is exactly the type of behavior that our president ought to be fighting against. The person who runs the world (at least in the title) must be untouchable. His morals and character must remain unshakeable. Americans, at the very least those who believe in democracy, should trust their president and what he is doing. When that trust is gone, it could spell catastrophe for the American people.

For four years, the liberals tried their best to throw mudball after mudball at President Trump during his time in the White House. They would publish everything they could on Trump and then try to figure out ways to make enough people furious enough to force him to step down. But when a lot of their allegations came to the light, they were dismissed and proved untrue.

Some allegations have taken much longer to prove false, and some claims remain linked with Trump, even though he's no longer in the White House. This is a clear indication of how the media of today will pursue the good guy who isn't a liberal, but they'll overlook directly documented and well-known crimes committed by those sharing their ideology. As long as it allows them to continue writing the same nonsense that their readers lap in like an animal at the water bowl.

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