Trump Won’t Return to Twitter

Former president Donald Trump announced on Monday that he will not go back to Twitter regardless of whether the ban on him is lifted from the platform. The ban could be lifted now that Elon Musk has purchased the business and made it private.

This is following Tucker Carlson and the Babylon Bee being granted access back to their accounts on Monday.

Trump was removed from Twitter on January 8, 2021. It was just two days following his participation in the Capitol Hill protests.

Trump declared that he plans to focus on his personal TRUTH Social, his social network. TRUTH Social was off to a rough beginning when it was launched in February. Based on a story from Forbes:

While many thousands of people might have registered, however, the vast majority of them have been in a position to not be able to spread the truth. Numerous news websites have reported similar stories in which people who have signed up were met with a flood of errors.

The app hasn't gained any significant popularity. It was ranked 36th in the Apple App Store in March. The stock of TRUTH fell Monday following Twitter making public that it had signed the Musk deal.

Trump made a clear and decisive statement in his announcement and told Fox News:

I'm hoping Elon purchases Twitter since he'll be making improvements to the platform and is a great person. However, I'm going to stick with the TRUTH.

He explained:

We're getting thousands of people on our platform and what we're discovering is that the reaction to TRUTH is superior to using Twitter. Twitter is awash with bots and fake accounts and we're doing everything we can to stop them. In the end, there is no way I'm returning to Twitter.

Trump's tweets are famous for driving the Left crazy while enthralling the Right with their fierceness and wit. Here's an old-fashioned Trump tweet:

Pervert alert. Rep. Weiner has returned to twitter. Girls who are younger than 18 years old must block him immediately.

You can either love or despise him. His feed was definitely the most talked about for many years.

DailyWire has put together an extensive list of his most memorable tweets. You can also find an enormous glossy coffee table book that's called “@realDonaldTrump: Donald Trump's tweets 2017-2021” available. At the height of his popularity, Trump had over 80 million followers. Many would like to see him return

It's not a good idea to bet against Donald Trump, but I am unsure if this is the right decision for him. It's a steep order for TRUTH Social to have any kind of influence comparable to Twitter and, now that Twitter may be more lenient and more accessible to conservatives, it might be a good idea to return. In the past, The Donald's tweets were extremely popular and helped him gain an impact he would never have had otherwise (even when you factor in his rallies).

I wouldn't be amazed to see Trump decide to change his mind and we start seeing his humorous tweets getting attention on Twitter once more, especially in the event that (when?) he decides to seek the presidency again.

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