Twitter Scared as it Calls for an Emergency Meeting as Musk Takes Over

On Monday, shocking information broke the news that Elon Musk was closing in on a deal to buy Twitter. The hysteria began. Now that the deal has been concluded, the breakdowns have increased exponentially.

We knew that the mainstream left was going to lose it, but an important question is what Twitter's employees will do about the situation. In the end, it's a company with a hefty dose of far-left extremists from Silicon Valley. 

The time has come, and the first rumblings are starting from the Twitter urgent “all-call” among the current management as well as employees, to talk about Musk's acquisition. 

It’s obvious that the current board will do its best to present a cheerful appearance about this situation. They all realize that their days are over however. One question was asked concerning Trump indicating how the majority of employees are worried about politics and not so much the overall health of the business they are employed by. I'm not going to post the other questions, but overall the mood seemed to be tense and gloomy.

How tense is it really? We're receiving our first reports that involve employee reactions. They have everything I had hoped they'd be.

I can't imagine a way these employees will be able to keep their job. Twitter is filled with partisans who want to undermine Musk's plans and he'll need to tidy up his home. Musk did it at Tesla, and it's likely he's going to do the same thing there too. This will lead to lots of wild-eyed and shocking resignations in the coming few months.

This is a positive thing, but, it's past time the overly-politic, spoiled children employed by these companies on social media get an experience of the real world. They've been kept in the dark for too long, basically reliving their college experiences from the left during their time working at Twitter. I'm expecting Musk to give them an opportunity; however, I don't think that he'll endure any sort of insanity after putting all of his own wealth in the hands of others.

So, grab your popcorn, find your seat and sit back to enjoy the show. 

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