Ukraine Now Houses More Tanks than Russia

It is believed that the Ukrainian battlefield in Putin's War is extremely deadly. In the 60 days since the three-to-four-day attack on Ukraine began, Russia has had 1,700 vehicles or significant items of machinery destroyed, and additional 1,200 taken captive. Tank losses totaled 560 and 214 taken. Losses for armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles were 930 destroyed, and 330 taken. These figures are not estimates, they are floor figures that have been tallied and geocoded. According to the same method, Ukraine has lost around 200 tanks and another 70 taken captive. In addition to 790 fighting infantry vehicles/armored personnel carriers that were destroyed and 90 captured. There is no way to know the exact number of vehicles lost due to battle damage or wear and tear. 

As a matter of fact, Russia entered the war with around 120 Battalion Tactical Groups (BTG) which comprised around 75 percent of Russia's combat capability and the very top of the line of strength. Be aware that this isn't an exclusive Russian Army affair; there is Naval Infantry from as far as Vladivostok and also soldiers of the Rosgvardiya, which is the National Guard of Russia (read more about the prestigious organization in this article: the top general in Putin's Personal Army Is Arrested by FSB). 

The tank losses alone account for all the tanks that are in 70 BTGs.

This is the reason that the Ukrainian Government has been shouting to get more guns from everyone who has them. Not just munitions like Javelin or Starstreak, but also tanks and infantry fighting vehicles and artillery. There have been plenty of ups and downs; we've all heard about the on-again, off-again tale regarding the transfers of MiG fighters from Poland, Bulgaria, and Slovakia to Ukraine. It appears now that things are heading in the right direction, unless you're one of the people who believe that Putin's invasion of Ukraine is justifiable.

As unbelievable as it might be, Ukraine now outnumbers Russia in the amount of tanks that are on the battlefield.

Due to European supplies, Ukraine's army now has more tanks in their battlefields than Russia has after just two months of fighting according to the Pentagon.

The recent shipment of Soviet-era T-72 tanks from Kyiv by Czech Republic and other European Nato allies has significantly weakened Russia's advantages, experts claim.

“Right now, the Ukrainians have more tanks in Ukraine than the Russians do, and they certainly have the purview to use them,” an unidentified senior US defense official said to reporters on Thursday.

The Ukrainian armed forces have stated that Russia has lost more than 680 of its tanks, most were destroyed and some were transferred after being abandoned.

A variety of videos have appeared online showing Russian tanks and armored vehicles on fire. Other vehicles appear to be rusting on the side of the roads in rural Ukraine or being pulled by Ukrainian tractors.

Experts have put the massive Russian losses of the advanced anti-tank weaponry on Western nations that have offered help to Ukraine. in addition to the poor maintenance and declining morale among Moscow's new troops.

“That the Ukrainian Army has reached ‘tank parity' with the Russians in Ukraine is significant,” said Mick Ryan, a retired Army Major General and Adjunct Fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies think-tank.

“Terrain in the east is more conducive to combined arms maneuver, and numbers will matter. So will good leadership and tactics, which is where the Ukrainians hugely outmatch the Russians.”

While not the best military gear, the T-72 are flexible, and unlike other Western tanks, they are equipped to handle hard terrain and deep-forging of rivers.

The US has provided millions of dollars in aid but it hasn't provided an army tank to Ukraine as its army has Soviet-era weapons.

The tanks that are used by Ukraine are made by Soviet engineers. The tanks that are sent into Ukraine by NATO nations are more or less the same, as they are used by the Ukrainian Army. Some, like the more than 100 Polish T-72s have been upgraded with significant upgrades, such as thermal imaging, but they're not at the same level as tanks that are produced by the nations of Western Europe.. As we enter the second phase of Putin's War and beyond, the Ukrainians will be able to boast superior numbers and superior training capabilities, as well as a small advantage in the performances of their tanks.

Czechia has entered into a contract with Ukraine for the repair of Ukrainian tanks. It is believed that Slovakia could be a part of the project. It's being portrayed in the removal of tanks from Ukraine. However, I think it's safe to assume that Czech technicians will end up in Ukraine.

Russia is currently in a state in which it is losing the numerical advantage it had in comparison to those in the Ukrainian Regular army. I believe their situation with regard to personnel is likely to worsen as conscripts leave active duty and the resistance to drafts becomes more evident. The comparatively inexperienced Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces grow exponentially with the help of a number of foreign volunteers. The new Ukrainian Army formations will soon be entering the fight. Within a few months, Russia will be facing an army that is more superior in terms of training and morale, and has a higher number of artillery and tanks.

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