Biden Suggests Children Belong Not to Their Parents but the Public Education System

What are President Joe Biden’s staff thinking when they let Biden loose, and he begins talking? They're all keeping their fingers crossed and praying that he doesn't flub the conversation too much. Unfortunately, their worst fears are often realized.

Biden offered some remarks during an event at the White House to honor the 2022 National and State Teachers of the Year. However, it appears that he spoke at a time when he claimed he wasn't “supposed to.” Then he revealed that he had drifted off-script. “My staff's going, ‘Why aren't you giving the speech we wrote?'”

Biden told the teachers and students that he needed to “really listen to [them], as I know Senator Cardona has been doing.” Miguel Cardona is his Secretary of Education. Biden had forgotten which title his personal cabinet secretary holds. Cardona was never a senator.

Then Biden continued to speak about learning, teaching, and students. Of course, he needed to speak about his personal “teaching” as a “professor” at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) after he left the vice presidency. He talked about how “hard” it was. But he did not teach any classes; he only delivered a few talks on the campus. For that, he earned $900,000.

According to an analysis of Biden’s appearances at UPenn in the Daily Pennsylvanian, Biden visited the campus on at least nine occasions. One of those visits occurred in November of 2017 at an event to promote the novel Promise Me, Dad.

Other Biden appearances comprised Q&As in conversation with UPenn administrators, a talk to Wharton business school graduates, as well as public events featuring the former Mexican President Felipe Calderon and former UK Vice-Prime Secretary Nick Clegg.

We all wished we were given the same “hard” job!

He then revealed a fundamental anchor of leftist beliefs that children are part of “the “village” or the government. “They're all our children,” Biden stated. He went on to say that “children” belong to teachers. “They are not somebody else's children. They're yours when you're in the classroom.” Um, Joe? They are the children of someone else. That is why they believe they can rule over parents and what parents would like for their children. This is exactly what lies at the root of many of the fights between cultures in which we're immersed.

Who did Biden think of as “victims” in the culture conflict? Teachers.

He then gave yet another “reason” why his political career began. The reason appears to be constantly changing, depending on who he is appealing to at the time. “I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyone can commit is abuse of power,” Biden declared. Has he checked his mirror recently and looked at what he's done to overreach his authority? The most recent announcement was made on Wednesday: Biden is going to have the DHS establish the “Disinformation Governance Board” to combat false information going into the 2022 midterm elections. What we can expect from this is blocking any information that is truthful and could cause Biden as well as the Democrats to look bad, exactly as the mainstream media was doing in 2020. Hello, and welcome to the Ministry of Truth.

Finally, there was this glorious moment of inspiration. Oh, my. The brain of the man can break right in the middle of the sentence. “What was the reason why we led the world beginning around 19, 5, 6, and 7 and 8?” Biden asked. What was he trying to say? At this moment, if we're constantly trying to determine the meaning of what he's trying to convey and we're unable to figure it out, we're in trouble. What do foreign governments think when they witness such lapses? The United States has ruled the world, but how can we continue to lead with someone who's unable to effectively talk about anything?

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