“Social Justice” Democrats Look the Other Way as LA Homeless People Die on the Streets

Los Angeles County is a heavily Democratic-controlled county in California. Liberals have done well in raising taxes and increasing the cost of living to the point that nobody can afford to reside in the county. Their actions have resulted in an enormous increase in the number of homeless.

The problem brewing for the Democrats is not limited to the high number of homeless. Statistics show that five homeless people per day die on the streets of Los Angeles County. So far, Democrats aren't seeming to be motivated enough to do anything about it.

In 2021, in Los Angeles County, 2,000 homeless people lost their lives. The New York Times ran a report that stated, “Hundreds of those who died were killed in plain…view of passing motorists, and 287 of them died along the streets. Another 72 bodies were discovered on the sidewalk, and 24 were found dead in alleyways, the report revealed and was based on information from coroner L.A. County coroner.”

The rising death rate of the homeless population is directly tied to the growth in the number of homeless. The Democrats were unable to assist the homeless when they needed help the most, leading to them not being able to access medical care and nutritious meals on a daily basis. They were put out on the streets to scavenge for food and live off the excesses of the elite liberals.

In the last five years, data shows that the number of homeless people has increased by 50 percent. Death rates are estimated to have increased in the range of 200 percent. This liberally run county is responsible for nearly 50 percent of the homeless deaths across California.

Governor Gavin Newsom (D) should pride himself on the stats of his state because of his social-democratic policies. California has more than 25 percent of the US homeless population residing within its boundaries. The worst part is that Newsom does not do anything for homeless people due to his status as an egotistical liberal who won't give a paw to help anyone else.

According to the New York Times article, “several causes that are responsible for the rise in deaths, including the age of homeless people growing and the fact that living and sleeping outside can lead to a shorter lifespan. Fentanyl's increased availability, which is a fast-acting and risky drug, is an important factor in the increasing death rate; however, many homeless individuals die young from treatment-able chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.”

Gavin Newsom has created a state populated with homeless people. Newsom has also enabled the homeless to buy illegal drugs so that they can pass their time and not think about their current situations. Newsom is also apathetic towards homeless people by not providing regular programs of care to aid them to get back on their feet and maintain good health. The Times reported that the programs appeared in the beginning but then stopped, resulting in inadequate care.

The Democrats are not reliable. They would like to dictate people's lives, yet they are unable to tackle an issue as simple as homelessness. It is essential that people are free and given the chance to decide what is right for them. A lot of homeless people in California would love the chance to begin entirely new lives and return to their past financial situations. However, Newsom won't allow them to do so.

Democrats are using COVID-19 as a way to conceal their mistakes. They say that COVID-19 has been the focus of attention and that they must concentrate all their efforts on protecting the public. However, this argument is only proof that they can't assist people in the same way that Republicans can.

The homeless of California are the most neglected citizens of America. There isn't one liberal who is willing to give his or her time to assist those in need–instead, behaving as President Joe Biden does: turning away and pretending the issue doesn't exist.

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