CNN Jim Acosta’s January 6 Obsession Backfires in Conversation with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene About Her Alleged Martial-Law Text Message

While the majority of Americans are concerned about important issues such as the growing cost of living and the crisis at the border, CNN remains laser-focused on the vital problem of January 6, 2021. This led to CCN domestic correspondent, Jim Acosta, who made a name for himself as a notorious hacker during the Trump times, trying to go after Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) regarding an alleged text message she had sent about martial law after the 2020 election.

The next scene was one of the best takedowns we've witnessed this year, in which Greene attacked Acosta's position by making him take a close look at the text at issue (which he'd misrepresented), leaving the CNN host muttering about the fact that she's “defensive.”

When watching the exchange, the first thing one notices is just how bad Acosta is in his work. He is trying to be a “tough guy” journalist, but he comes off as deplorable. He obviously didn't do his homework or was expecting Greene to not have completed her research. If you're going to face something such as this, you need to be prepared with all your facts straight. Acosta wasn't.

What's the real story in this case? It's a SMS message that Greene is believed to have sent (though she hasn't yet confirmed that it was hers) and that the media has claimed is a clear demand for the establishment of martial law. The message actually states: “I do not know” with regard to the information discussed. When Acosta attempted to pin Greene down and scold her, she made him read the passage in front of her, revealing his false framing.

Then the CNN host started to mumble under his breath about how defensive she was in the aftermath of having his talking points destroyed. This is a pathetic response, however. If you're proven incorrect about something and then respond by saying “Well, why are you being so defensive?”, that’s an unprofessional response. It's clear that Acosta did not have a point to argue and was left fishing once more. Greene, for her part, did not accept the lure and continued to push back until the point that he could only speak to himself in circles.

In short, Acosta continues to believe that he's more competent than he actually is. According to Ben Shapiro, “Find someone who loves you as much as Jim Acosta loves himself.” This is what makes it all the more fun. Acosta is clearly inexperienced despite being elevated due to his shrewdly biased questions to former President Donald Trump and is now stuck following around some of the most marginal members of Congress, mumbling about the facts. If and when CNN is set to begin its staff-removal process under new leadership, you can count on Acosta being among the victims.

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