Documentary 2000 Mules Casts Serious Doubt on Democrats’ Claims That the 2020 Federal Election Was the “Safest” in American History

The Democratic Party claimed before the results were announced that the 2020 federal election was the safest one to date in American history. We heard it from all of them, including the media, Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and current President Joe Biden.

But, this information wasn’t necessarily what we ought to have received. The presidential election of 2020 was unique due to the COVID epidemic. States passed election-related legislation that heavily depended on mail-in ballots as opposed to voters going to designated locations so that they could cast their votes in person. This created a large number of security issues surrounding the ballots and the system of delivering the ballots.

It's important to not believe everything we’re told, particularly when it’s that the 2020 federal election was safe. The reality is far from that, and the majority of us believe that we've been misinformed about the whole thing. Many believe this election actually went to then President Donald Trump. The proof should have been revealed during the “insurrection” that occurred at the Capitol on January 6, 2021. Americans loved the fact that Trump was vocal about his administration's draining of the “swamp” of Washington DC. Even liberals didn't want Joe Biden as their president. Biden wasn't sufficiently progressive. They were looking for diversification. So, how could Biden beat Trump?

The election was faked. Director Dinesh D'Souza dives into the investigation to which we've been looking forward in a shocking new documentary entitled 2000 Mules. He helps us determine the truth by sharing previously unreleased security footage made possible by cellphone geotracking. We learn of the “mules” who were out on the streets doing the Democrats’ dirty work. A single mule might have made dozens of visits to numerous ballot dropboxes. This isn't only one mule. There were 2,000, monitored for the purpose of the film. No fingerprints were left in the dust. However, many took photos of “voters” dropping ballots in the ballot boxes. Why? Most likely to ensure that they would be paid.

There's evidence that there was illegal harvesting of votes across the nation. This is why the states that had voted red during the 2016 election abruptly and unexpectedly changed their votes to blue in 2020. The Democrats won victories in states generally won by Republicans. It is clear that the Democratic Party knew that they would not be able to prevail with Joe Biden as their candidate. The only way they could win a “clear victory” was to manipulate the election.

The documentary was created by D'Souza and Salem Media Group. It reveals part of four million minutes of footage gathered through conservative vote-monitoring group True the Vote to demonstrate the way in which the network of ballot dealers operated to grant the Democrats the victory. True the Vote holds a vast amount of information regarding the 2020 elections. This data is crucial in trying to prove what actually took place. It reveals the mule presence in major cities such as Atlanta and Philadelphia. It's difficult to say this election was the “most secure” when True the Vote can show more than 1,100 mules participating in ballot harvesting in just one city.

In the wake of so many questioning the results, the Democrats have maintained the claim that this was the safest election in history. They were able to inaugurate Joe Biden as the president, even when Trump debated the legitimacy of the vote. Even as Americans were unsure about the reality of their states turning blue when all their friends had voted red, Democrats kept on marching.

Why? The Democrats were aware that they were victorious because of a well-planned and financially supported scheme to “fix” the vote. It's not difficult to believe video footage of people placing ballots in boxes. In the end, what happened to just one vote per American? If the 2020 presidential election was the most secure election in the history of our country, as Democrats constantly tell us, would there be footage of 2,000 mules doing what they were doing? No, of course not.

The Democrats have been caught and should be arrested. They're guilty of organized criminality. It's time to make the case. Joe Biden should not be the president, according to the law. We must do something to rectify the mistake that occurred. Otherwise, we're not a democratic country.

The documentary will play in certain theaters in the month of May and will have an online debut on May 7. It's your opportunity to understand the truth about the Democrats’ actions and what they have done.

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